Warwick and Wincanton prize funds boosted to over £1m

prize money2Prize money at the 14 tracks run by Jockey Club Racecourses will top £40m in 2013, an increase of more than £5m on 2012. Wincanton and Warwick see growth of 30% and 50% respectively, so that the prize money at those two tracks tops the £1m mark for the first time. Read more

Racing industry “better informed” on 2013 fixture list

The Racecourse Association declared itself pleased with the work of the Fixture Planning Group, which was one of the early innovations of British Horseracing Authority chief executive Paul Bittar. The news that the group had completed the bulk of its work and would publish the 2013 fixture list by the end of September represented “a considerable improvement on the last two years” according to the RA.

Nigel Roddis, from the Racing Enterprises strand of Racing For Change has chaired the group, with representation from the Levy Board and the Horsemen’s Group as well as the Racecourse Association. Their list is still subject to approval from the BHA board, but their meeting on 17 September should not throw up any objections.

There should be a similar level of meetings as this year, when 1,456 are scheduled, although of course the names of Folkestone and Hereford will both be missing. The team working on a rescue package for Hereford have only until the end of December to put in their application for 2014, with the same timescale applying to the consortium aiming to revitalise Great Leighs.

Bittar declared himself happy with the work of the group so far. He said, “The proof will be how it plays out over the next couple of months, but I think it is much better informed of the process and the issues on the way through. One of the key things is that we are keen to have a fixture list driven by consumer demand from bookmakers, racecourses and media groups. Our goal is to produce a fixture list that reflects the level of demand out there and I think how we meet that demand might require us to be a bit more innovative in terms of some of our racing and handicapping policies to encourage horses to run more often.”

The earlier publication of the fixture list will be a relief to many of the organisations such as the Injured Jockeys' Fund who include the information in their annual calendars and diaries. They won’t face the same pressure as last year, when it took until 15 November to settle the schedule, meaning some were forced into the extra costs of double print runs and distributions.

Agreement on pitch positions settles bookmaker nerves

The Gambling Act of 2005 spelled the end of the traditional way of allocating bookmaker pitches at racecourses in which once bought, a pitch stayed with the bookie for the lifetime of the racecourse. Some firms had paid over £1m for prime spots at some of the top tracks, seeing these as long term investments, money which changed regulation could turn into as much use as a losing betting slip. Read more

BHA poised to act if trainers repeat race boycott

Moulin De La Croix completes Worcester walkover

The British Horseracing Authority last night last night indicated that it would be prepared to use its authority if trainers were to repeat the action they took yesterday at Worcester in boycotting a race. It seems likely that their bluff may well be called, as Charlie Mann, who co-ordinated last night’s action, threatened a repeat next week, again at Worcester. Read more

RCA seeks each way agreement with bookies

Last weekend’s “offer” of one twelfth each ways terms by bookmaker Peter Wilson at Salisbury has led the Racecourse Association (RCA) to seek a new agreement with bookmakers over each way odds. Read more

Carry on Jim..and Derek…and Darren…and Iain

Four racecourse commentators whose performance was under review have been given the all clear to continue calling the horses home. Leading BBC race commentator Jim McGrath and Channel 4’s Derek Thompson were never at risk of losing their principle job with the broadcasting organisations, but, along with Darren Owen and Iain McKenzie, could have lost any further work describing the action over racecourse public address systems. Read more

Holt gets lost on the Cross Country

Last December racing’s Commentator User Group (CUG) placed leading BBC commentator Jim McGrath on review for a six-month period, much to his astonishment. Read more