Geegeez Claims Nap Hand of Best Betting Website Awards has won the Best Betting Website award for the FIFTH year in a row!

Voted for by the public, including the savvy community of bettors at Smart Betting Club - who oversee the awards - polled almost a third of all votes in the 'Best Betting Website' category. That was more than double the next site in the list, over three times Oddschecker's haul, almost five times Attheraces' votes, and more than six times greater than Racing Post!

Speaking after learning of the award,'s creator and founder, Matt Bisogno, said, "I'm absolutely thrilled that has again been recognised for its contribution to the bottom line of clued up racing punters. For an incredible fifth year running, racing fans have made it clear which site they believe helps them the most, and we're humbled by that ongoing show of support."

Bisogno, who was himself awarded Best Racing Writer for the second consecutive year, went on to outline ambitious plans for 2021.

He continued, "2020 was a challenge for the industry, as it was for all sectors of business and society; but we exited the first lockdown determined to add further value for our growing legion of subscribers. Last autumn, we signed a deal to provide regular daily news updates, and this month we've already started publishing entries for early closing big races; and we'll be releasing a new mobile version of the racecards, reports and form tools any day now.

Later this year we will bring on stream more user-friendly sectional reports, as well as significant upgrades to our analysis database, Query Tool. We have plenty more in the pipeline beyond that, and I'm as excited about what's coming this year as I've been since we started the data project back in 2013.

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to the team of writers and developers, but most especially to the guys and girls who keep coming back to to get their racing intel day in, day out, for their unbelievable support and belief in what we're trying to achieve. Thank you!"

You can read more about the SBC Awards here. wins Best Betting Website for the fifth year in a row wins Best Betting Website for the fifth year in a row


Matt Bisogno won Best Betting Writer for the second year in succession


Geegeez Notches Best Betting Website Four-Timer

Oops, we did it again, as Britney Spears never quite sang. With the results just in from the 2020 Smart Betting Club Awards, I'm delighted to announce that has won the Best Betting Website category... for the fourth year in a row.

Here's how the SBC Awards report broke the news


For the 4th year running, racing website, did the business by winning the coveted Gold ‘Best Betting Website’ Award with an impressive 33.47% of the vote – increasing their share by nearly 10% from last year.

Scooping more than a third of all votes is something we're immensely proud of, as is beating the likes of Oddschecker, ATR, Racing Post, Betting.Betfair, and so on.

We've never been able to compete with the massive budgets of those major media houses; but that has never stopped us punching above our weight. The ethos of is simple: highest quality data-driven content presented in an easily consumable format.

In other words, we aim to deliver key punting messages in bite-sized snippets, whether that's through our Gold racecards and form tools, or in the insightful research-based editorial produced by the likes of Tony Keenan, Jon Shenton, Dave Renham, Chris Worrall and myself.

This is how the votes were distributed:

Of course, we'll never win an 'industry' award, because we're never nominated. We're not part of that club where members take it in turns to back slap each other. Nope, we rely on your votes - you know, the actual users of our site (ahem) - to express your feelings about the value you get. Thank you for validating the effort we put in to building the best product/site/service we can.

And we're not done yet.

Not by a long chalk.

Here are just a few of the things we have planned for 2020:

- Betfair Starting Price data in our reports and cards: so you can see profit and loss against exchange prices (with commission deducted)

- Percentage of Rivals Beaten (PRB) and PRB2 metrics: so you can deploy this professional's barometer of performance

- Draw / Pace heat map underlayed within the pace map: so you can see how stall position and run style might impact today's field.

- Query Tool v2.0: a brand new, much more functional, system builder tool. Planned for the second half of 2020.

- Headgear and 'DSLR' (days since last run) reports

- 2nd time in a handicap and 2nd time for a new trainer (HC2 / TC2) reports

...and a bundle more besides.

As always, if you have any suggestions, please do let us know via the Contact form on site. That's how some of our best features - including the heat map one above - come to life.


On behalf of the entire team - developers, backroom staff, writers and myself - thank you so much for your ongoing support - it means the world to us to know that the hours we put in are appreciated by you, our highly valued readers and subscribers.


p.s. you can download a copy of the full report here.

p.p.s. I personally won a prize, too: the inaugural Best Betting Writer. That really is too kind. Indeed, I'm not even convinced I'm the best betting writer on these days, something about which I'm delighted. Healthy competition at a high quality level is what I've always aspired to for readers of geegeez. It's a thrill to be a part of such a great editorial team.

Elsewhere in cyberspace, the likes of Kevin Blake and Lydia Hislop, as well as the excellent pair of Joseph Buchdahl and Paul Krishnamurty, are all writers well worth your time if you're as yet unfamiliar with them.