Colossus Bets Review / Demo

Please user Refer A Friend code, geegeez, when opening an account at Colossus Bets

Please user Refer A Friend code, geegeez, when opening an account at Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets Review / Demo

Colossus Bets is a pool betting platform for wagering on UK and Irish racing as well as many other sports. It is much loved by subscribers for its flexibility. Players on Colossus may syndicate, or crowdshare, their bets; they can cash out all or part of their bets; and they can receive consolation payouts for being 'nearly right'.

If you like playing multi-leg place or win bets, like the placepot, I think you'll really love Colossus Bets. And if you sign up for a Colossus account, please use Refer A Friend code, geegeez - we receive a small percentage of your staked amount, which I put to good use in building new bells and whistles on this site (as well as an occasional cappucino for yours truly..!)

IMPORTANT There are very few betting companies we promote. The reason I am happy to promote Colossus is that, unlike traditional bookmakers, you don't have to lose for me/us to get a small referral fee. Rather, Colossus fund that from their takeout, the same as any other pools provider. That means we (obviously) want you to win!

Check out this video, which shows how Colossus Bets works, and why I love it so much...

And then signup for a Colossus account here (they'll offer you some bonus signup chips based on your first three days' spend)



How I Shared £15,100 Amongst Geegeez Readers

Yesterday, myself and a bunch of readers embarked upon an ambitious project. It was an uphill struggle but there were sound reasons to take it on and, ultimately, we were rewarded to the tune of over fifteen thousand pounds between us.


The Opportunity

As regular readers will know, I'm always on the lookout for a rollover pool to tilt at. A rollover, lest you're not familiar, is when a previous version of the pool (normally a jackpot - pick six winners - type bet) has not been won meaning there is an amount of cash in the pot before anybody has placed a bet. Sunday was one such occasion and, with two very short favourites, it looked a four - or at least four-and-a-half - leg bet, with £40,000 in 'free money' in the rollover.

Naturally, such opportunities are not lost on the general public, and this was by far the best-supported pool of Colossus Bet's embryonic racing offering, some 23,000 £2 units staked on top of the rollover. That made for a £55,134 jackpot to aim at, with consolations for five or four out of six.

Having gone close last week with five out of six, the miss being in a race where I'd noted the very strong support in the morning for the winner, I was determined - perhaps overly determined - to make amends this week.

One of the benefits of the multi-day festival meetings in Ireland is that casual players of Irish racing like myself can get a feel for how tracks ride, the level of horses that compete, and any nuances in the constitution. In the case of Tramore, the tight right-handed track favours horses who can be close to the pace on the final circuit; it has moderate fare when compared with the Grade A tracks; and I've yet to see a horse beaten when leading from the turn in to the second last!

One of my Colossus syndicates had copped a few quid on the Friday evening Tramore placepot, which helped confidence if nothing else, and I loaded up on an aggressive part-permutation. I use an approach called ABCX, about which I've written here, and I had a basic tool built to facilitate the ticket calculations, which you can check out here.


The Bet

The upshot of all that was a 24 ticket perm which cost £1,874.50 in total. Now, before you go thinking, "Well that's just ridiculous, I could never afford that", I wouldn't make a bet like that on my own either. As a syndicate captain, I'm obliged to take 10%. In this case, I was tempted to take 20% - ah, wonderful hindsight - but didn't, and geegeez readers took up the other 90% of the perm, which is shown in full below.

Our Tramore Pick 6 perm

Now, before I go on, I just want to say that, because of the nature of this bet - across many tickets - and the Colossus platform, which only allows 'investors' to buy into a single ticket at a time, there will be some people reading this and feeling a little miffed as a result of getting in on losing tickets rather than the 'golden ticket'.

A while ago I suggested to the team at Colossus that they make a multi-ticket syndicate option available, but the reality is that the development overhead is probably bigger than the general market appetite for such a feature, which in short means it's unlikely to happen.

But I did want to flag this point, and to say hard luck to those who were left or right of the winning ticket.

The flip side of that coin is that I know of at least a couple of people, who take a few pennies/percent of all the tickets, and were rewarded accordingly. It's a bit of a faff, but then one of us had to work out the perm, and enter all of those tickets without making a mistake! (And that one is fairly prone to making such mistakes!!)


How It Played Out

Syndicates filled, then, and it was time for the opening race, a maiden hurdle. Wullie Millins had a hotpot with Wuby Ralsh widing, and Karl Der Grosse obliged, returning 8/15. As you can see from my tickets, I bottled the chance to bank on this one - it's a long afternoon for a syndicate watching the rest of the bet win after fluffing the first - but I was smart enough to include both racecard number and 'fav' on my 'A' lines, essentially giving double stakes going forwards. (That is, both horse number 11 and FAV were winning selections on the tickets on which they appeared).

Your first 30 days for just £1

22,939 units went into the pot, and 13,601 units emerged from the opener still breathing.

Race two was a trickier affair - much trickier. It was a 16-runner 0-95 handicap hurdle, where obvious form was a serious rarity. I'd watched a couple of market moves, and had noted a couple of things, one positive and one negative, which helped to frame the play in the race, sub-optimally as it transpired.

The positive note was a move for Every Chance, an Irish-trained horse which had qualified for a mark by unusually running four times in British maiden and novice hurdles. Job job, thought I, until I saw it drift like the proverbial canal boat to 16/1 in the pre-race market. As it happened, he ran a corker and, but for horlicksing the last would have been at least second - as opposed to third.

The winner was a Gavin Cromwell-trained handicap debutant, the sort of horse I love and generally make top table material in such dire heats as this. But, ol' GC has been having a lamentable time of it. He had the red 14 and 30 indicators by his name, and closer inspection revealed zero winners from more than 30 runners in August. That put me off - and put me away to some degree - as Moonball, the lad in question, was downgraded to B status.

Moonball was a fair winner of a bad race, with fellow B ticketer and 16/1 shot, Desertmore Dreamer, rounding out the exacta. What with Every Chance completing the tricast - not that I'd play such a bet in such a race in a billion years - it was a two grand trio of 8/1, 16/1, 16/1. We had the 10/1 fourth on B tickets as well. Academic.

This made a big dent in the surviving tickets, the pool truncating from 13,601 to 1,283. Still plenty of opposition, though, even if there were four legs to go. All four had solid looking tops to their markets but, as I've discovered this week, what looks solid at Tramore is often somewhat more flaccid than first meets the eye.

Leg three would bring us to half way, and it was a second maiden hurdle and an open goal for Willie's Getareason, sent off at 1/5. I was spineless here, in truth. It was an obvious 'single' (i.e. banker), but I put B tickets in with the only credible market rival, Zaofu. He was 4/1, and it was 16/1 bar them. About a sixth of the total bet stake was lost on Zaofu, and that probably wasn't smart: in such bets as these you have to 'go narrow' where the opportunity lends itself and this was such a prospect. Whilst it wouldn't have changed my overall unit staking of the bet, it would have reduced the number losers and may have allowed the promotion of a horse such as Moonball back to 'A'. That said, I doubt it: I was happy to field against Cromwell's conqueror in the trainer form circumstances.

1,283 went into that race and 1,038 emerged unscathed as the half time whistle was metaphorically blown.

The second half kicked off with a beginners' chase where the market, and I, made it pretty much a two horse race. But I've seen this film before, earlier in the week, where Tramore has something of a 'Fakenham effect' on some form horses. One of the pair, Osco Mosco, was never at the races, looking somewhere between working towards a mark and horribly unsuited to the track - probably both. The other, Conduct Yourself, who looked the more likely play and was sent off at 6/4 in the end, resented the track and did fairly well to run second in my view. Of course, that has to be taken in the context of the yaks he faced, least yakky of which was Dawn In The Park, a horse I didn't especially fancy (actually, I really didn't fancy it, but it was shorter in the morning and nibbled at which was enough to scrape onto B, where I thought Holly Flight was the most likely to get the upset). Dawn In The Park made all, at 10/1.

It obviously wasn't lucky because the horse was on the tickets, but DITP certainly wasn't my idea of a form winner. Nor, it seemed, was it many other people's, as the remaining units shrunk from 1,038 to just 64.7.

If that was the good news, the bad news was that our permutation was seriously short-stacked: down to just one ticket, number 16.

Just one ticket left, and a banker in leg five....


A banker in leg five, a handicap chase, seems a very brave play given I'd adding company to the 8/15 poke in the opening maiden hurdle. But Mill Quest was lobbed in old hurdle form where he'd won three of his last five and elevated from a mark in the 90's to one in the 120's in the process. Here he raced off 105. True, his prior chase form was not great, but then neither had his prior hurdle form. Long and short, he won well and gave us few moments of concern.

64.7 arrived at leg five, and now just 20 units would scrap it out in the final race for a share of the £55,134 spoils. As you can see above, ticket 16 was a 50p unit stake ticket, but that double line in leg 1 meant we had £1 (equivalent to half of the declared dividend) running on to three horses.

The breakdown in the pool looked like this:

Tramore Pick 6 final leg breakdown

Tramore Pick 6 final leg breakdown


Icelip was a well supported favourite in the morning, and there had also been plenty of money for Bellgrove, second in the race last year, with Dark Outsider looking like a form play to my eye. I'd taken a raft of others on B tickets but had already used up my two 'B' lives in races two and four, so we were all in on these three.

Confidence pre-race was not high: Icelip was usurped for favouritism by Native Lass, and both Bellgrove and Dark Outsider slid alarmingly in price on course. But I recalled the Optionality experience at the Curragh a week earlier and wasn't about to press the panic cashout button now.

Icelip carried 5.47 units, which was worth just north of £10,000 per winning ticket. Our half a ticket would have scooped £5,000. The other pair both had 1.87 units riding, 0.5 of which was ours in each case. Those less likely outcomes were worth £14,741.71 plus consolation bits and pieces to us. Crikey and, erm, yum!

Icelip, our main hope, was given a waiting ride out back. This, I'd noted, had not been a percentage play all week at Tramore and with a few tumblers hampering his progress, he never really threatened prior to departing at the second last himself.

Dark Outsider and Bellgrove were both ridden more prominently. But the former was never really going that well and dropped out tamely in the final third of the race. So it was down to the sweet-travelling Bellgrove under the best handicap chase jockey riding, Davy Russell, to bring it home. He had alternated the lead with a few others from the outset and, as they approached the home turn, Russell scooted up the inner on his agile conveyance in what was a race-winning manoeuvre. He still had to jump the last and he still had to repel the gallant but ultimately futile rally of favourite, Native Lass. Those he did, and the bunce was ours!

The winning ticket - my 10% of it anyway...

But wait, we need to wait for the weigh in. Although this happened within the usual fifteen minutes post-race, its reporting took almost an hour and, thus, the final result remained unofficial for that same duration. I'd calmed my nerves by noting that Tote Ireland had paid out their (measly €5,800 no rollover) Pick 6 dividend some time earlier so figured we were safe. But, all the same, I wouldn't have minded an earlier confirmation of the same!

We copped £15,100 for a £1,875 bet. Some will say that it's hardly a huge return on investment, and I have no truck with that. But my £187.45 stake returned £1,510 and loads of others picked up sums ranging from a hundred to a thousand quid: there were 18 of us on that £67.50 ticket.

As importantly, it didn't half brighten an otherwise uninspiring afternoon's punting!


p.s. If you're not playing Colossus pools, you don't know what you're missing. There is value in these pools daily, and I offer syndicates most days in the place pools, and occasionally in the win pools when the rollover looks worth it. Click here and quote GEEGEEZ to join the fun. (They'll even match your bet value in the first 72 hours of your account if you mention us in the Refer A Friend box, up to the value of £100 - which is nice).

Colossus Syndicates Update

As many of you will know I've been creating some Colossus tickets this week, which can be contributed to by anyone with a volition so to do. They're called syndicate tickets, and I've started a little diary on the forum.

But the forum is for Gold subscribers only, so I thought I'd copy it across to the main blog here, for this week at least.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then do check out this prior post which explains stuff.

OK, here's the story so far...

I thought I’d add a thread to the forum to reflect my thoughts on the various Colossus syndicates. Highs, lows and plenty of ‘close but no cigar’ moments sure to follow…

SUNDAY 15th JULY 2018
A pretty good start, with two payouts from three syndicates. We missed by one in the other, where the pool was not won. The payouts were £979.48 for an £80 ticket, and £398.88 for £216. The loser was a £108 ticket. So £404 staked, £1,378.36 returned, a profit of £974.36.

MONDAY 16th JULY 2018
Reality bites. On what was a very moderate Monday, I perhaps let the novelty take me away a little and might have been better served reigning the action to just a meeting or two. I felt pretty bad but, on reflection, we weren’t a million miles away from a decent payoff. Here’s what happened:

Win Pick 4 at Ayr: £192 staked, £70.40 returned (for 3 out of 4)
Place Pick 6 at Ayr: £108 staked, £0 returned – very frustrating, with both the winner and 3rd included on the P4. Naturally this ticket had the 4th, who had less money running on than the 3rd. Dividend was £364.36.
Place Pick 6 at Ripon: £216 staked, £92.64 returned. Chasing a few outsiders for a chance of taking the lot. It ended up very chalky (i.e. fancied runners all over the frame).
Win Pick 6 at Wolves: £144 staked, £6.60 returned. I called this ticket ‘Prayer mat job’, for good reason. Having left the favourite out of the first, I was mortified to see it win, and us out straightaway. Thereafter,
Place Pick 6 at Wolves: £180 staked, £0 returned. Again, left fav off the ticket and he won. The 3 picks in leg 1 finished 4th, 5th, 6th (of course), the 4th staying on, beaten a head for 3rd. Dividend paid £114.45, which he otherwise had x4 = £457.80

£840 staked on the day, £169.64 returned. Loss on the day of £670.36.

[N.B. As captain, I MUST take at least 10% of each ticket, so of course I do. My loss today was thus £67.04. Actually, it was more because I had some private bets which went west on a crappy Monday. I’m sure I used to say “don’t bet on Mondays”…]

Off to Beverley races tomorrow, so just an early syndicate most likely – will tweet it, or follow me on Colossus if you want to play.


Just catching up on yesterday’s events, as I was actually at Beverley for the Handicap and, more specifically, to catch up with my mate Tony McCormick – who runs said website – and his clan. Excellent fun as always.

TUESDAY 17th JULY 2018
Beverley Place Pick 6: This looked a competitive, if low grade, card, and so it transpired. We missed a couple of nice results in the first two races, but went through with two lines nevertheless. Leg 3 played out well with the winner and the third, and the well touted favourite, Foxy Boy, out of the frame (now 20 runs without a win!). Leg 4 was the first of two bankers, the odds-on Altra Vita bidding for a four-timer for Sir Mark Prescott, a trainer in excellent form and with a very very good record with LTO winners. Alas, the horse seemed to resent the very firm ground – not the only one who failed to cope with it – and veered wildly off a true line in the final furlong. It would be a surprise (to me at least) if we see this horse back in the near future. Naturally, the other two legs were landed.

A point on this, though it may sound a little “I’m all right, Jack”. I had a couple of other bets running through Altra Vita, and so I laid it for a place on Betfair at 1.27. It was a cheap insurance play and, as it turned out, saved me a few quid. I say this not to gloat (obviously), but rather to suggest to other players that it is a solid strategy in the second half of the sequence (or earlier if you’ve had a nice result early doors knocking out a lot of tickets/units).

One other tactical point here. These syndicates are ‘caveman’ tickets. That is, they’re a single ticket covering short-priced and long-priced, strong and weaker fancies, equally. Until I’m able to link tickets in the syndicate – something I’ve suggested to the Colossus guys – I adopt the following play when I like the favourite but don’t want to go out if it gets beaten out of the frame. Basically, I include the racecard number of the favourite and also ‘unnamed favourite’, as well as any other weaker fancies in the race. This way, if the jolly hits the board, I have a double line (specifically nominated horse, and unnamed favourite) from the race. Hopefully that makes vague sense: it’s essentially a means of managing the ‘unsophisticated’ nature of a caveman perm. £180 staked, £0 returned.

Killarney Win Pick 6: For some reason which, with hindsight I can’t really justify, I thought we’d have a crack at what looked a very trappy card with only a £10,000 guarantee. A 20/1 O’Brien second string in the opener confined this to the dusty bin and, though it was a lesson others paid to learn along with me, I think I’m comfortable that it will be a case of picking and choosing slots for the Win6 (most likely when there’s a solid rollover and/or some chalky looking races to play around). So, no more Win Pick 6’s for now. £194.40 staked, £0 returned.

No syndicates on Wednesday as I have other commitments, but there will be something on Thursday. I’ll tweet out on the geegeez_uk handle to anyone who might be interested. Looking to get back on the winning trail after a disappointing couple of days.

After a day off on Wednesday. it was back to biz on Thursday and a couple of Place Pick 6's.

Hamilton Place Pick 6: There looked to be a few vulnerable favourites on this card, just the sort I like to go at. But, as has been the case most of this week, they largely managed to find the frame anyway. Thus, the 20/1 second in the opener, and 6/1 and 9/1 winners in legs 4 and 5 were undone by strongly fancied horses falling in with them. Getting the 2nd fav out of the frame in the last was a result, though, and we made a modest profit on the bet. Stakes £192 Returned £327.96

Leicester Place Pick 6: A bombproof 1/16 shot in the opener made this a Pick 5 to all intents and purposes. Two out of three in leg 2 and the jolly nowhere looked promising. But it was a parade of frustration thereafter, as nothing but favourites from some pretty wide coverage made the frame for us. A return, but a loss on the bet. Stakes £180 Returned £65.60

On the day: Staked £372 Returned: £393.56
Treading water...

Got to keep chipping away.


Friday was a very early falling off of the Win Pick 6 wagon, but for good reason. The guarantee was £40,000 and I had a decent feeling about the 'shape' of the races.

Your first 30 days for just £1

FRIDAY 20th JULY 2018
Newbury Win Pick 6: Newbury is one of those courses where you often get wide open maiden/novice events in which it pays to go deep, and I was hanging our hat on that happening again. Not in the opening leg, which looked to be between the top two (second favourite won), but in leg two where there were 7/2 joint favourites. I went seven deep and we were rewarded with a 20/1 winner (beating a 16/1 shot, also on our ticket).
I also went seven deep in leg three, though this time the 2nd fav won. Still we had a nice position going into leg 4 in which we had just the favourite, Natalie's Joy. I had said on twitter that it was my intention to get our stakes back via cash out if we were still going at half way, and that's what I did.
40% of the ticket was cashed out for 90% of original stakes. We thus had 60% running into the last three legs.
Natalie's Joy was a good winner, so we were still rolling into the penultimate race and it was shaping up to be a big dividend. [We had played for 50p's, which were quarter stakes, so were attacking an original £10k pot, reduced to £6k after the cashout - by which time it was basically a free go].
Natalie meant we were guaranteed at least a 4/6 consolation and, after leg five, the best we could aim at was a 5/6 consolation as our three of the five runners ran 3rd/4th/5th behind the 10/1 outsider of the field. Bummer.
We had three of the five runners in the last as well, including the winner, who was the evens favourite. That impacted the consolation dividend but we still made a profit on the bet.
Betting anywhere else - totepool, etc - five out of six is a losing bet, or at best pays a scant consolation in jurisdictions like America. But here we were able to be 'wrong', albeit mostly right, and still make money on the wager thanks to cash out and consolation dividends.

Stakes £661.50 Returned £748.40

Still treading water in truth, but the value of the trading options were well highligted by today...


Loads of big jackpots to aim at on Saturday, but most of them filed under ‘way too hard’.

Newmarket Place Pick 6: Chasing a placepot at Newmarket that, ultimately, looked trickier than it was.
This was highlighted when the fav (Mr Wagyu) beat the 2nd fav in the race I had marked for a shock; and insult was added to injury with Rip Orff sneaking into the frame in the 5th leg and our second string failing to make the frame in the last.
In spite of all that, it was only a small loss in the end.
Stakes: £288 Returns: £207

Nothing on SUNDAY 22nd JULY, but a couple of decent rollovers slowly gathering pace, which might tease a prayer mat play on Monday…


Monday ended up being a write off as well, with my health - which rarely fails me - deciding to go 'all in' for a few days. In fairness, that's a daft comment given what some folks are nursing but I'm not in great shape and should have probably left it alone today, too. Today being...

TUESDAY 24th JULY 2018
Three afternoon strikes as follows...
Newcastle Place Pick 6: Big fields and a couple of what I felt might be pace collapses, especially in the last where I'd backed on hold up performer and 2-from-2 course placer, Top Offer. The jockey change probably didn't help and, long and short, we'd have turned a reasonable profit on the bet if he'd hit the board. He didn't. Losing bet. Staked £180 Returned £0

Ffos Las Place Pick 6: Small fields and trappy looking stuff; but, as so often recently on this rattling fast ground, surprises were few and far between. Even with five placed favourites we only recorded a negligible loss. Staked £240 Returned £228

Ffos Las Win Pick 4: I fancied this, with a seemingly bombproof pair atop the market in leg 1. I went narrow early, taking the top two in the betting in leg 1, and the favourite as a banker in leg 2, and then covering almost every permutation thereafter. So what happens? There was a 20/1 shock in the opener and the other three jollies all won. We did get a consolation which was a surprisingly generous half our stakes back. Staked £162 Returned £81.80

The evening was a tale of woe. Sometimes you go left when you should have gone right, and you go right when you should have gone left. Let's break it down:

Nottingham Place Pick 6: We were going well enough here, until the three horse race. I was comfortable taking two of the three, as I pretty much always do. Eliminating one cuts the cost by 50%, but of course it runs the risk of deep frustration. The source of frustration was habitual front-runner and odds-on favourite, who gifted a soft lead to the absentee from our ticket. The absentee accepted the invitation was gusto, relish and no little aplomb and prevailed by a predictably diminishing margin. It was a fine ride in a race where there was only one such. Sigh. Staked £216 Returns £0

Chelmsford Place Pick 6: This was rubbish, too. In truth, I'd be perfectly happy with both the Notts and Chelmo plays if it was solely my ticket, and so I supposed I have to be happy with them as syndicate tickets as well. Having got through a tricky-looking opener (8/1 8/1 12/1 the prices of the placed horses), and banked on the easy winner of leg 2, we were in good shape. I took my view in leg 3, and it was that Cenotaph was a serial disappointment and a shortie to very much oppose. While that may have been true during his tenure at Aidan O'Brien's, he seems rejuvenated since moving to Jeremy Noseda, for whom he is now two from two after what can only be described as a romp, five lengths the winning margin.
The three bullets I fired against him ran no better than third which, in a seven horse race, is not very good and not good enough. I also failed to find a placer from three darts in the next race; and the fact that after that tricky first leg the next five races all saw the favourite place kind of sums things up just now. Stakes £162 Returns £0

A bad day, and less fun that it has been. The average stake of syndicate members seems to be about £7 according to a little rough maths I did today. I'll be looking to hit a decent pot soon but, for that to happen, these jollies need to foxtrot oscar somewhat...!


Catching up on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was a mixed bag all right...

Lingfield Place Pick 6: Just one bet on Wednesday, mainly due to pressures of work. And it was a ballsy one, banking on the first two favourites before spreading out later on. As it turned out, the jolly in race two encountered all sorts of trouble in running, eventually staying on into fifth, beaten two necks and a head for second. Game over.
Stakes £160 Returns £0

Sandown Place Pick 6: A broad perm for smaller unit stakes and, after a result if leg 2, I was hopeful. But the dreaded curse of the placed favourite struck in the next three legs to generate a loss on stakes. Again. Sigh.
Stakes £288 Returns £91.10

Worcester Place Pick 6: This looked difficult in the first half and straightforward in the second, and that's the way I played it. Sadly, it turned out to be easy in both halves, with five favourites placed. The one unplaced jolly race saw the horse with comfortably the most tickets apart from the fav get up for second. More of the same for investors.
Stakes £126 Returns £77.80

Yarmouth Place Pick 6: At last, a bit of a result. And it was an unlikely one, though not a surprise, if you see what I mean. The first five favourites again made the frame, including to heavily odds on - wtf? - but I started my look at this 'pot in the last race, where I smelt a pace burn up involving the top of the market. That's how 16/1 outsider Grandfather Tom made our slip; and he was never there until the last strides. It made a handsome difference.
Stakes £259.20 Returns £1126.80

DAILY STAKE: £673.20 RETURN: £1295.70


PROFIT £109.36
ROI: 2.5%

To tread water in such a chalky (favourite-biased) period is actually not bad. I've no plans to track things ongoing - not really got the time - but I will continue to check in on the forum with good beats and bad beats, and the occasional stinker to add balance (!)

In the meantime, do keep playing yourselves. I caught a £500 return from a £30 bet yesterday on the Win Pick 4, a lovely little bet if you have a view on at least two of the races in the quartet.


Brief update:

Identically staked Place 6 syndicates at York. Both copped, both paid significantly less than placepot, both topped up to placepot dividend.

That effectively means that we had the following:

Friday afternoon Stakes £568 (2 pools) Returns £524.50
Friday York Stakes £345.60 Returns £2846.40
Saturday York Stakes £345.60 Returns £2070.72

Updated P/L

Stakes £5652.30
Returns £9944.08

Profit to date: £4291.78
ROI to date: 75.93%

Unsustainable results, but very good to break out of the treading water zone. It can go the other way as well!!


p.s. If you want to build more sophisticated tickets of your own, this is the geegeez ticket builder. Read the instructions first!!

p.p.s. Details of how to get involved, if you'd like to, are below.

Account Registration

  1. You need a Colossus account. If you haven't got one, you can sign up here and Colossus will fund your account with the same amount you bet in your first 72 hours, up to a maximum of £100. YOU MUST USE THE REFER A FRIEND CODE TO GET THE BONUS (SEE BELOW).
  2. You can be a friend to geegeez by using the 'Refer A Friend' code, geegeez - Colossus will then send a small rebate to us from their takeout when you bet. They welcome winners and you absolutely do not need to lose for us to get our small commission. In fact, they give us a tiny bit more when you win, which is why I'm keen to promote them. So please, take down some of the big pots, would you?! 🙂
  3. Here's the signup link again (and thank you).


Joining Syndicates

Joining one of my syndicates is easy. Click this link, choose which one you want to play and for how much, and that's it.

If the page says 'No syndicates available', that means it's filled up already. You can 'follow' me on there, and I'll also tweet out when I've created a syndicate ticket on the @geegeez_uk handle.

At this stage, I'm not committing to a particular time of day nor even that I will necessarily put syndicate tickets up (I also bet privately into some of these pools, and suggest/recommend any placepotters reading this do likewise).

But it is very likely there will be tickets to join if you'd like every day this week, and probably for every meeting - or at least as many as I have time to cover. [I do have some quite handy time-saving info-packed tools to call on... 😉  ]

It's going to be a fun few weeks, and will also be really interesting to see how tote fights back and how the TftT/Britbet story unfolds. Do join the party if it sounds like your kind of thing!


**THE hottest betting opportunity right now**

I emailed the mailing list yesterday to alert them of a brand new betting opportunity which is currently loaded in favour of the punter. While that short-term situation may change in the not too distant future, there are other solid reasons to stick with this innovative firm - and especially to get stuck in right now.

This has all come about due to the end of a seven year exclusive license Fred Done (Betfred) had on pool betting on UK racing. Friday 13th July was supposed to hail the brave new era of pool betting as a result of Britbet, a company created by racecourses to generate revenues for racecourses: "By racing, for racing" as their strapline almost got it right.

However, Britbet were usurped at the eleventh hour by a shadowy collective operating under the somewhat presumptuous title of "Together for the Tote" (TftT hereafter). As a result of not actually knowing who is behind this consortium or what their proposition is, either for the customer or indeed for racing, it is pretty hard to be 'together' with them, and rather easier to demand they show a little - actually, a lot - more of their hand.

Regardless, in the short term, their arrival on the scene has meant Britbet have deferred on revealing their own suite of products to rival totepool until at least October. Why is this relevant? Well, quite apart from the interesting, perhaps typical, racing back story - the words "p155 up" and "brewery" again spring to mind - there is a sort of vigilante offering which has emerged.

'Vigilante' is not quite the right word, because Colossus Bets are a stand up firm that has been in business for a few years now, operating predominantly in football markets where they have a £1 million jackpot wager.

What they also have, which is what attracted Britbet to them in the first place, is an industry-leading tech platform. In fact, it's not just industry-leading, it actually laps the opposition. Colossus were doing cash out, and partial cash out, before it was cool to do cash out; they offer consolations in many of their markets when you go close but one (or sometimes two) let you down; and they have a 'syndicates' feature which enables 'captains' to create a ticket and crowd fund it. That's what I emailed about yesterday, and what a number of you joined me in.

The technology is slick, as is the interface - on both desktop and mobile - but what about the bets?

It's very early days so things can be expected to progress from this opening gambit. But a current provision of 'place 6', which exactly replicates the placepot but with a lower takeout (20% versus 27% on Fred's ticket); and win bets for sequences of four and six races ('Pick 4' and 'Pick 6'), with consolations for 5/6 and 4/6, and 3/4, offers plenty of appeal.

In the long-term the products will be judged by their liquidity - how many people bet on them, and how much they bet - but for now there are guarantees which extend beyond the actual amount of money wagered. These 'seeded' pools make for good value: essentially we're talking about a 'top up' of free money, akin to a small rollover.

And the dividends have been significantly out-performining SP and the placepot.

The three syndicates I ran yesterday yielded a pretty good return on investment in the two winning bets (the other was a five out of six job where the placepot was not won - anyone with one of the three placed horses in leg four (12/1, 14/1 twice) would have scooped the whole pool. Pool scooping, even on small pools, is a very satisfying thing...)

I took 20% in each of the syndicates - captains can take anything from 10% to 50% - and readers took the other 80%. As you can see, my outlay was around £80 and the return roughly £275. Nothing life changing, but a decent profit for not doing anything remotely ground-breaking. Indeed, our £80 ticket collected £979.48 for players.


A couple of nice early strikes in the Colossus Bets place pools
Your first 30 days for just £1

A couple of nice early strikes in the Colossus Bets place pools


And I did personally have a crack at the Southwell Pick 6, with its £15,000 rollover and four short-priced favourites. I bravely (*stupidly) banked on Gustav in leg two, who failed by a fine margin to get back up; and that after Classic Jewel had done the same in the opener with a third as much running-on money as the winner. I dropped about £90 across 15 ABCX tickets using the geegeez pool bet ticket builder. Ho hum.

With just £3,000 actually wagered on Sunday on top of the rollover, the dividend was a massive £5,577.06 for a £2 line. The same £2 at SP paid just £779.63.

Close to a decent payout on the Pick 6

Close to a decent payout on the Pick 6


Ultimately, these pools have to wash their face for the provider, so it will be interesting to see how liquidity grows in the next few days and weeks, and also to what level the pools are guaranteed. But the fact that the takeout is notably less than the traditional placepot is a big ongoing plus.

As things stand, I'm putting all of my pool bets through Colossus until such time as the dividends suggest that's no longer sensible. As you can see, that's the right thing to do currently, unless you think there's going to be a greater than 3000/1 dividend.

Day 1 (Friday)

Day 2 (Saturday)


Day 3 (Sunday)


Day 4 (Monday)

How do you get involved with these great betting opportunities?


Account Registration

  1. You need a Colossus account. If you haven't got one, you can sign up here and Colossus will fund your account with the same amount you bet in your first 72 hours, up to a maximum of £100. YOU MUST USE THE REFER A FRIEND CODE TO GET THE BONUS (SEE BELOW).
  2. You can be a friend to geegeez by using the 'Refer A Friend' code, geegeez - Colossus will then send a small rebate to us from their takeout when you bet. They welcome winners and you absolutely do not need to lose for us to get our small commission. In fact, they give us a tiny bit more when you win, which is why I'm keen to promote them. So please, take down some of the big pots, would you?! 🙂
  3. Here's the signup link again (and thank you).



Joining Syndicates

Joining one of my syndicates is easy. Click this link, choose which one you want to play and for how much, and that's it.

If the page says 'No syndicates available', that means it's filled up already. You can 'follow' me on there, and I'll also tweet out when I've created a syndicate ticket on the @geegeez_uk handle.

At this stage, I'm not committing to a particular time of day nor even that I will necessarily put syndicate tickets up (I also bet privately into some of these pools, and suggest/recommend any placepotters reading this do likewise).

But it is very likely there will be tickets to join if you'd like every day this week, and probably for every meeting - or at least as many as I have time to cover. [I do have some quite handy time-saving info-packed tools to call on... 😉  ]

It's going to be a fun few weeks, and will also be really interesting to see how tote fights back and how the TftT/Britbet story unfolds. Do join the party if it sounds like your kind of thing!


p.s. I'm writing a few notes on the syndicate action on the forum at this link. [Gold subscribers only in the forum, I'm afraid].

Colossus Bets Syndicates: Joining Instructions

Two million quid up for grabs in the HDA15

Two million quid up for grabs...


Colossus Bets is a football pool where prizes of up to £10 million are on offer. Geegeez runs occasional syndicates, generally chasing more modest - though still lip-smacking - prize funds, and if you'd like to be a part, details of how to enrol are below.

This weekend we'll be tackling the HDA15, with a guaranteed pool of two million quid for predicting the result (home, draw, away) in 15 matches.

If you fancy taking this on yourself, the link below is your friend.

You can find out more about Colossus here:

The great thing about Colossus pools is that there's a cash out option at half time and the end of all matches. Basically, you're made an offer for 100% of your ticket, so you can see what your tickets are currently worth and take a percentage out if you wish to.

This weekend I'm offering a syndicate play for anyone interested in joining me. Details:

A. Syndicateers will send funds to my skrill account which will enable me to transfer them directly to my Colossus account. I will know who's sent how much by the email address of the sender.

B. If you'd like to play, the minimum stake is £25 (sorry, but the admin overhead of hundreds of smaller stakes is unworkable) and the maximum is £150. I will be playing £150.

C. I will not accept any more players after 1pm GMT Saturday, as I need to know how much is in the kitty and frame the bets.

D. I will send our permutations to all players prior to the kick off of the first game (3pm Saturday).

E. We'll be looking to play one £2 perm, and one (or more) 20p perms. For the 20p perm, we'll be playing for a piece of £200,000 (still not at all shabby!).

F. I am away Sunday (Geegeez Racing Syndicates Stable Day at Anthony Honeyball's yard, then racing at Wincanton). But we'll be nine games into the 15 by Saturday evening, and may well have cashed at least some of our ticket for an offer by that point!

G. Please keep in mind that this is a very hard bet to land, and only join us if you're fine with losing if it goes that way.

Right, all that said, if you're interested:

Your first 30 days for just £1

1a. You'll need a Skrill account. Skrill is a widely accepted 'online wallet' accepted by virtually all betting companies, including Colossus.

And, importantly, it enables me to transfer our joint funds into my Colossus account for the purposes of syndicate shootouts.

If you don't have a Skrill account, you can get one here:


2. Log in to Skrill and click the orange 'Send Money' link on the right side of your Account Overview.

3. Recipient email address is and the amount should be either £25, £50, £100 or £150
(Other denominations will be returned, as I need to keep this fairly simple!)

If you receive confirmation from Skrill that your payment has been sent, then it has. You won't hear from me until Saturday when I send out the details of our tickets.

4. I'll send an email to all syndicate members between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on Saturday with details of our tickets.

Good luck! (and feel free to play by yourself if you prefer!)



Down to the 'full cover' early ticket, and it's the only ticket left in the pool just about. The offer was staggeringly derisory so we've had no choice but to push on to the two 5.30pm games. Fingers crossed for home wins at West Ham and Schalke (or maybe a draw in the German game).



The Big Brute



The Catch All Early





The Lucky Poke #1




The Lucky Poke #2




Introducing… Oc-Tote-ber

Welcome to Oc-tote-ber!

Welcome to Oc-tote-ber

It's the last day of September, which means that tomorrow is the first day of October. Or, as it will become known here at, Oc-Tote-ber.

Yes, throughout October we'll have a range of features and specials dedicated to the noble art of the pool bet. I'll be covering the best pools in which to 'fish'; pool bet strategies; there will be notifications of where the rollovers and guarantees (i.e. value betting opportunities) are; and, I'll be running some small syndicates as well.

The main focus will be on three different totes:

- UK totepool (horse racing)

- Tote Ireland (horse racing)

- Colossus Bets (football pool betting)


And I'll be covering in more depth:

- Placepot strategy

- Intra-race multiples strategy (i.e. exactas, trifectas)

- Staking strategy

Your first 30 days for just £1

- Value-seeking strategy


But what is strategy without tactics? It's mere ivory-towered academia. So I'll be taking those strategic concepts and applying them to real world pools into which I'll be making bets, and encouraging you to do likewise.

Now, the very nature of pool betting is that the player has to "win twice". Clearly, players have to identify the correct outcomes for the events in question. But also, it is important to try to find a correct outcome that others will have missed. In other words, if you like all six favourites, it may not be especially worthwhile making a placepot bet. (There are occasional exceptions even to this guideline!)

The reason I mention this is because I'll probably have to show examples in hindsight in order to protect some of the intrinsic value in the wagers. After all, if just nine readers make the same wager as me, and there are nineteen winning tickets, I will have halved my payout by having to share with those readers.

I am all for sharing, but that will be via knowledge transfer and/or syndicates, which I'm planning to arrange throughout Oct-tote-ber. The pools I like to play, and will be looking to play, are:

- Big meeting placepots

- Irish Jackpot (four races) when there's a rollover

- Irish Pick 6 (six races) when there's a rollover or attractive pool size guarantee

- Irish Super Trifecta (pick the 1-2-3 in race 6 on Sundays)

- Colossus Bets Pick 4 (four correct scores) when there's a rollover

- Colossus Bets HDA8 (home/draw/away in eight matches) when there's a rollover

Each of the above, with the possible exception of the Pick 6 on its trickier days, is a clear value opportunity. I'll explain why another day (unless it's obvious to you that a pool seeded with OPM - Other People's Money - must be a good thing in which to be involved!).

Juicy rollover on the Pick 4 tonight....

Juicy rollover on the Pick 4 tonight....

There is an excellent rollover for tonight's Colossus Bets Pick 4, and I was tempted to form a syndicate for it. But, I'm afraid, it's date night for me and Mrs Matt, and she wouldn't appreciate me managing our position midway through the main course!!!

That said, I will be having a crack at it, albeit that I'll be taking a fixed position on tonight's pair of games. As you can see from the above, the pool is already up to £88,000, and it should rise to at least £100,000 before kick off. You can play for as little as 20p lines, and here's a link to my review of Colossus Bets, a pool I LOVE! That link also outlines how to play this particular bet, so do take a look.

And if you haven't got an account with them already, they'll match your played through deposits in your first 72 hours after signing up, up to £100. In other words, if you deposit and bet £100 (or £5, or whatever amount you play) within the first 72 hours, they'll match that with free credit of £100 (or £5, or whatever amount you play). Pretty neat!

For those of you prepared to tilt at windmills a bit, there's a borderline playable Pick 6 at Fairyhouse this afternoon. It's got a €25,000 guaranteed pool (which is €17,500 net), and there are a couple or three races where bankers might reward brave play. I'm in two minds about limping in, as it could be easier than it looks... and, of course, it might not be!

If you need to know more about Tote Ireland, including why they're one of my most played pools, click here.

Yes, Oc-tote-ber promises to be a LOT of fun, so do get warmed up for it on this last day of September. 🙂


p.s. the new racecard content will soon be live, so click refresh on the cards and enjoy, whichever level of registered user you are. Hint, if you're a free registered user, you'll see Race of the Day marked by a yellow bar when it's been uploaded. If you can't see it, it's not there yet! If you're a Gold subscriber, you'll see red x's on Instant Expert. Again, if they're not there, it's not uploaded yet.

p.p.s. if you're a tote pool bettor, don't be afraid to chip in with your own best tricks and tips - and thanks.

Value Value VALUE

Where to find value...

Where to find value...

In the good old days, punters used to talk about 'the three D's'. These were discipline, discipline and discipline. Many of you - like me - will relate to that readily enough, as selectivity is generally the key to success in betting.

But in the modern day betting supermarket, where the exact same product (i.e. a horse in a race, or a team in a match) is offered at often curiously differing prices, depending on the brand (i.e. the bookmaker), the three V's - value, value and value - might be the new maxim for successful betting.

Now, obviously, discipline is still as relevant as it ever was. It will always be a fundamental cornerstone that sets apart those who win from those who don't. But life has become a lot easier with the advent of a) online bookmaker offers, and b) comparison portals. In a second we can see which bookmaker has the best offer on our fancy.

Better yet, if the bookie offers Best Odds Guaranteed, we have the chance of a price drift topping up our odds still further.

What this ultimately means is that you could be, for instance, in the beer aisle, looking at twelve cases of Old Gobhoblin Pale Fizzer. Each case is the same, and seven of them have the same price on them, £9.99. But the other five are different. Two say £10.50, two say £9.49, and the other one says £7.99. You really like Old Gobhoblin Pale Fizzer. Which one do you pick up?

It's a no brainer that you'd pick up the cheapest, right? I mean, that's a 20% difference in price in your favour and, if you drink a case of Pale Fizzer a day, you'll have almost enough money saved to pay for the liver transplant 😉

But here's where it gets better. When you get to the checkout, the cashier says, "Oh, this is on special offer this week. It's only £6.99". Bingo, you've saved another 10%.

This is EXACTLY how shopping around for the best odds, and using Best Odds Guaranteed, works. We're looking for the best bargain every time.

How many of us would knowingly pay 20% more for our shopping than we needed to? Not many, of course. And yet, there are still lots and lots and lots of punters who think it doesn't matter about getting the best price; that a point here or there makes no difference.

It's just weird. I mean, the survey we recently did revealed that most people who visit geegeez bet every day. And yet 42% have five or less chances to get a bargain - in other words, five or less accounts.

Let me just quickly say that if you mainly bet for fun/entertainment/to solve the puzzle, then it maybe doesn't matter. But to anyone who said they bet to win money, and they have just a few accounts, you are making it extremely difficult for yourselves.

OK, sermon over!


Things you need to know today then...

1. Racebets is the latest bookmaker to offer Best Odds Guaranteed. They are a growing brand in UK and appear in most odds comparison charts these days. They have a dizzying array of money back concessions, and offer a £50 deposit match for new customers. If you use BOG bookies, add this to your set.

2. How about a completely risk free no catch bet? Betbright are offering new customers a £30 no lose bet on the World Cup semi-finals. Here's how it works: you make a bet. If it wins, you get paid out. If it loses, you get your money back. You follow? You must use this link to qualify, as it has a special tracking code associated with it.

3. If you already have a Betbright account, note that they'll be refunding correct score and scorecast bets if a semi-final match ends 0-0. Given that the Dutch and the Argentinians have had real trouble scoring in the knockout phases, and that Brazil could be toothless without Neymar, and that Germany have had two 1-0's in their last three games, this looks a very good safety net if that's your sort of wager.

Your first 30 days for just £1


Let's talk about another manifestation of value. Tote pools. Not just any old tote pool. Some of them are rancid pools. But some are not. Those with guaranteed pool sizes where the amount of player cash falls short of the guarantee are value. Rollovers are value. Why? Because in both cases, someone else is putting money in the pot for you to potentially take out.

I've had enormous success with Colossus Bets during this World Cup, netting three Pick 4's worth over £3,700. Each of them to a 20p winning stake (though my total bet stake was significantly higher). Colossus is a pool bet on correct scores, and every pool is guaranteed, with many of them not reaching the guarantee figure from player funds. Put another way, the pools are being subsidised.

After my own success (£1,059 for a £36 bet), I formed a little syndicate - seven readers and I each put in £50, to make a pot of £400. On our first attempt, we scooped just over £1,500 (£1,570); and on our second attempt we scooped just under £1,500 (£1,485).

Each of these pools was attractive to me/the syndicate because it had either a rollover or a guaranteed minimum fund that I didn't believe would be matched. That is to say that each time I was helping myself to a spot of someone else's cash. Nice, right?

The last Colossus Bets Pick 4 of the World Cup starts with the first semi-final tonight, and then takes in semi-final 2, the 3rd/4th place match, and the final. Obviously, it involves some conjecture into which teams will make the final, but that's the same for everyone and adds spice to the mix!

Our syndicate has dissolved now, and I'll be having a solo crack at the £50,000 guaranteed pool. At the time of writing, there's just £3,880 in the pool, meaning there is a strong likelihood of the pot being subsidised by Colossus. Which means, of course, that there's free money up for grabs, if we're smart/lucky enough to nail a winning quartet of correct scores.

You can read my review of ColossusBets here. And if you've had a crack at these pools already, leave a comment and let people know what you thought, and how you got on.


Value, Value, VALUE. How good a value proposition is free? Answer, varying degrees of good.

Most free stuff is free for a reason. It will actually cost you time (and possibly money) to figure out it's no good.

Other free stuff is free for another reason: it showcases the value of a product or service and acts as a potential incentive for users to 'trade up'. It's great content from which the user can benefit, and there's no hard feelings if that user doesn't want to move to a premium level of service.

Welcome to Double Dutch, the daily free tip service on geegeez. It's a service that currently shows a profit of 68.08 points, from just 260 betting days. We bet two points a day, split across two horses in two races - a 2 x 2 double. And the return on stakes is over 13%, which is way better than a majority of premium services.

We love - perhaps I should say, I love - this service, and we're very proud to offer it. But for some reason it only gets around 200 views a day. Again, weird. Anyway, today's selections can be found in various ways:

i. Go to Horse Racing Tips in the top menu
ii. Click the post on the left hand side of the home page, called 'Double Dutch, 8th July 2014'
iii. Click here

And, if you like Double Dutch, then perhaps you'd like to know about our premium level tipping service, Stat of the Day. This is a one a day service, Monday to Saturday, which has been running since November 2011. In that time, it's accumulated £4,194.20 to £20 level stakes (as at end June; July is well in profit too).

Those aren't mythical 'past performance' figures, they're real time figures from a live service. We get amazing feedback on this service, and I really should put a file together because there must be over 200 - maybe more than that - incredible comments. Here are a couple from the last few days:

PauljD said:

Having been out all day this was a “fire and forget” bet so a very pleasant surprise when I got to the results! Very nice drift as well. I note that the DD came in too although I missed that one, got yesterday’s though. Very well done and a big thank you for this week’s tips.

Doshtosh said:

On days like this, and there are so many, I want to write in to thank you, Chris and Matt, for a service, the likes of which I have never seen before, and if I wasn’t involved, thank God I am, I wouldn’t have believed existed. It’s not just the winners and profit, though they are no 1 but so much more on the web site and notifications to our emails. Thanks, so very much and have a great weekend. I hope we meet, someday, even if there will be sore heads the following day… my expense, it would be a pleasure.

RonCombo said:

What a brilliant day on Saturday Chris. SoTD with a super drift and DD, all coming in as winners. Then I had De Rigeur (14s) from the Shortlist and Salvatore Fury (9/2) and Sandra’s Diamond (13/2), both from the Tracker system which I bought into. Thank you (yet again) GeeGeez!

And fatboyjim said:

Incredible stuff once again. Got to be the best value out there, I have finally learned how to use the race cards to suit my own style of punting and had some big winners over the weekend.

If anyone remembers the SotD highlighted the Haggas/Hanagan a couple of weeks ago, well they certainly did the job yesterday. Also had Mister Wiseman today using the cards.

Diamond in the service though is the wonderful SotD, brilliant. I use 2% of rolling bank and I am in dreamland.

Those comments related to just one winner on one day. Stat of the Day has had 248 winners from 861 runners as at the end of June, a strike rate of 29% - favourites win at about 30%! - and for a return on investment of a mouth-watering pant-wetting account-threatening 24%.

All from one bet a day.

Best of all? This is just one part of the Geegeez Gold service. Worth way more than £24 a month on its own, it is supported by the racecards, form tools and reports that you will have heard me talk about previously.

Value. Value Value VALUE. It underscores everything we try to do here at geegeez, from offering a tip service to helping people understand the 'easy' ways to get the best chance of winning at betting.

You can try Gold for ten days for free (now that's value!). And if you like it, you can stay on board for 80p a day. You know what the guys above think about it, so perhaps it's time you gave it a whirl. What have you got to lose?

Here's the link if you want to join the hundreds of Gold subscribers whose betting has gone to another level.

Oh, and while I'm at it, the three Gold subscribers below found 33/1 winner Prince Tom yesterday using their Gold subscription. It was a fairly obvious selection for a number of reasons highlighted on Gold. But with form figures of /PB-5P the public totally ignored it. It paid 44.81 Betfair SP.

Comments and tweets yesterday about Geegeez Gold

Comments and tweets yesterday about Geegeez Gold


A couple of quite big sites have asked to trial Geegeez Gold, and the first of their reviews is due soon. This site is not known for effusive praise of products and services, and they never go overboard. In fact, subscribers pay specifically for their hard core unbiased reviews. Well, I've seen a draft copy of their Geegeez Gold review and... let's just say they like Gold. A lot!

Click here to take your ten day free trial of Geegeez Gold


p.s. I'll be back on Thursday with a preview of day one from Newmarket's excellent July Festival meeting.

p.p.s. Have you any thoughts on the above? Value? Colossus? Stat of the Day/Double Dutch? Geegeez Gold? Leave a comment to enlighten those who may not have seen what you've seen, or know what you know. (And thanks!)

Superb Sport, Great Betting Opportunities

Part of this great sporting weekend...

Part of this great sporting weekend...

It's already been a magnificent summer of sport, dear reader, but things are about to ratchet up a notch this weekend.

Having drawled our way through the Derby Festival and Royal Ascot; the most incredible group stage of a World Cup ever (and the 'round of 16' aka the last 16, which was less spectacular but still had two of the best 0-0 draws I can recall); and the first part of Wimbledon...

...we now go into overload mode, with the finals of the tennis, the quarter-finals of the football, some super competitive racing, and the beginning of the Tour de France on Yorkshire's roads! By 'eck, c'est magnifique!

And, coursing through every kick, serve, head bob and pedal is a bet waiting to be struck. Now, I'll be honest, I don't much like the tennis. And, hey, you might not go a bundle on le Tour (though I'd urge you to give it a try). But, somewhere in the midst of this heavenly sporting constellation there will be something to float every punter's boat.

Better yet - yes, it actually does get better - the bookies are joining in the fun with more wacky 'free money' opportunities. As well as bookie offers, this post is dedicated to various other ways to enjoy the sport being delivered to a bar stool or sofa near you in the coming days...

Let's start with the World Cup. It's quarter final time and, after my main hope Chile were seen off by Brazil, my other hope Colombia take on the home side at 9pm Friday evening. Can they beat Brazil? Sure they can. Will they beat them? Well that's another question entirely.

The bookies obviously think this match is a closer call than the odds available (which, basically, makes Colombia the value bet). And, as a consequence, if you don't have an account with one or more of Paddy Power, and Betfred (or totesport), you can back all three outcomes for nice profit. Here's how:

Betfred and totesport are both offering new customers 4/1 on Brazil (£10 max) to win in 90 minutes. Let's bet £10 on them.

Paddy Power are offering new customers a choice of 4/1 Brazil, 9/1 the draw and 12/1 Colombia. Let's back the draw for £5.

BetVictor are 3.8/1 about Colombia winning for all customers. Let's back Colombia for £10.

We've staked £25, and we'll return either £48, £50 or £50 depending on the outcome. That's a nice win-win-win situation!

If you don't have accounts with Paddy and either totesport or Betfred, you really should do this. There is no other possible match outcome, so it's completely free money.


Your first 30 days for just £1


If you're betting the early game - France vs Germany - Winner Sports are offering new customers 4/1 France or 3/1 Germany (players must deposit £25 or more, and enhanced odds are for £10 only, i.e. not £9 and not £11). They'll also double match your first bet of £25 with a free bet of £50. This is a very strong offer indeed!

Click here for 4/1 France or 3/1 Germany to win their quarter-final


Then of course there's my new favourite bet, the Colossus Pick 4. Small stakes (like, 20p's) can win big money. In fact, last week I took over £1,000 for a 20p bet (as part of a £36 perm)... and then the syndicate I convened took over £1,500 for a 20p bet (albeit as part of a much larger £400 perm). The account screenshot makes for pleasant reading! (Click the image to open in a new window)

Over £2,000 profit in a couple of days. I like this bet!!!

Over £2,000 profit in a couple of days. I like this bet!!!

There's a small rollover of £26,000 into a guaranteed £50,000 pool for the Pick 4 starting at 5pm today, and I intend to be involved.

You can find out more about Colossus Bets, and how they'll match your first three days' deposits up to £100, here. This is going to be massive next football season, and it's already gaining huge momentum. I've seen some brilliant four figure wins for £1.50 bets already. It's definitely worth a try. I love it.


Away from the football, the other huge sporting event this weekend (Wimbledon aside), is 'Le Grand Depart' of the Tour de France, a 190km stage from Leeds to Skipton. Now, I used to follow cycling pretty closely, but these days my interest is largely extended only so far as the three Grand Tours (France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a Espana).

Luckily, there's a fellow I know who is an absolute wizard judge on the sport and, best of all, he gives most of his information away completely free. He has one of those 'donate' buttons on his page, and I dropped him a couple of quid because I really rate/value what he is doing.

You don't have to unless you'd like to - Bryan would appreciate it, of course - but do check his stuff out. It's really well researched and, like I say, he's a bloody good judge of the wheelers.

His website, wheeliebets, is here:

For what it's worth, I've backed Vincenzo Nibali at 33/1 to win the King Of The Mountains, and that's my only bet so far. I'll be getting stuck into a few of the stage markets through the race but haven't time to look right now.


Now then, for those of you who do like the cycling, there's a cracking free 'Fantasy Tour de France' game at

They have some decent prizes, but I'm doing it just for fun. It only take five minutes to pick a team (unless you want it to take longer), and you might beat my team, Hackney Hopefuls. In fact, you probably will beat my team!


Oh yes, there's also some pretty good racing on this weekend. I'll have a preview of the Old Newton Cup and maybe a couple of other races for you tomorrow, but today I quite like the look of the progressive Chain Of Events in the 4.10 Sandown. It's a very open looking race and, with Air Pilot now a non-runner and nothing else standing out, Chain Of Events comes here on a four-timer and a course and distance hat-trick. He's only three pounds higher than his last win, and should again be able to track the early pace before making his bid. He'll get found out soon, no doubt, but it may not be today, and 17/2 looks fair BOG value.

In the 4.45 at the same track, Hi Note is consistent under these conditions, and may be over-priced due to her unfashionable connections here, at around 16/1. She was third over course and distance, and in this grade on this ground on her last flat start, and can be involved in the finish again today.

Meanwhile, over at Beverley, we see one of the first mile and a half handicaps to allow three-year-olds to race. They receive a stone (less a pound) from their elders at this time of year, and there's no better exploiter of this than Mark Johnston. His record at Beverley with this type is incredible, and since 2010 his form figures with such runners reads 4161276911119. That's six winners from 13 runners, for a 12 point SP profit.

Johnston's Enquiring is rated 56 in this 0-60 and yet only carries 8-11, due to the weight for age, and I'd expect Frannie Norton to bounce him out and try to make all. While he's not Joe Fanning from the front (who is?!), he's pretty pretty good, and I reckon 9/2 with BetVictor at time of writing is almost an each way bet to now't.


And finally, thank you so much to the 286 of you who have responded to the annual geegeez survey. I'd love to get that over 300, so if you haven't yet offered your thoughts, now is the last time both to do that, and to be entered into a draw to win a lifetime subscription to geegeez Gold. Woohoo! 🙂

Here's the survey link, and thanks a million if you're able to find five minutes to fill it out.

p.s. thanks also to those wonderful geegeez Gold subscribers who took time to complete a special Gold only survey. Incredibly, over a third of all Gold subscribers responded, which says a lot both about Gold, and about the cool caring sharing people who use it. As they say in the US of A, that's freaking awesome. (sorry)

Right, that's all from me. I'm off to stock up the fridge with beer and salted snacks, in readiness for a sporting pentathlon this weekend. Do take advantage of those opportunities which align with your own tastes, and good luck!


A Colossal Weekend…

I'm beginning to like Colossus Bets. Having spoken about it last week in this ColossusBets review, I then organised a little syndicate for the rollover pool at the weekend. Seven of you joined me in risking £50 whilst chasing a slab of the £340,000 to be shared between those players that correctly nominated four correct scores in World Cup matches.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the time of mailing about the syndicate, I was already two successful legs into another Pick 4, where the concluding two legs were the first two of our syndicate pot. Specifically, they were the Brazil-Chile and Colombia-Uruguay games.

Long story short on that early Pick 4 is that a £36 bet gave me this half time offer in the last match. Colombia were winning 1-0 thanks to 'that' James Rodriguez goal, and I had both 1-0 and 2-0. I cashed in 10% to return my stake (actually, it was £40.93 against a £36 stake), and eventually decided to let the other 90% ride. A Uruguay goal would have made that look a daft call, with £368.41 on the table.

As it happened, Colombia scored again and then sat tight for a 2-0 win, which returned £1,018.43 for the other 90%. Nice. 🙂

A nice problem to have: stick or twist

A nice problem to have: stick or twist

And so to the syndicate. We had a pool of £400, and I played the matches as follows:

Our Colossus Pick 4 perm

Our Colossus Pick 4 perm

I was emailing syndicate members at half-time and between games - each of the 'cash in' offer breaks - and below is a chronology of those emails, which might make for interesting reading.



Hi again everyone,

We're on! Below are the tickets. In the opening game, I've not put 0-0, and we don't want either team scoring three or more, unless they both do! (AOD=any other draw).

It's possible that we'll depart on the opening leg of course, but it's important to try to spread the risk across the four legs. In other words, not to blow our stack on the first match.

In the last leg - Costa Rica vs Greece - I took the view it would be low scoring. If we're still going by then, we'll have options anyway.

So, good luck everyone, and I'll keep in touch.


p.s. if you told me there would be problems with same day payment, don't worry. Send the funds, and confirm when sent, no problem. If you've sent already, many thanks!



A breathless first half, and 0-0 was never going to happen, was it?!

Our problem now is that, while we have 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, and any other draw, we don't want either team scoring two goals or more in the second half.

The way this is going, we might be cheering 6-6 for any other draw!

Anyone else's pulse racing? 😉

Fingers crossed we get through this one...


p.s. here are the offers we have:

Half time in game 1

Half time in game 1


FULL TIME in MATCH 1 - Brazil 1 Chile 1

OK, so 1-1 wasn't the best result. In fact, a goal either way would have been great:

2-1 Brazil was a A score, meaning more tickets (and more value on them) going through
1-2 Chile was a B score, but far less popular than 1-1

Still, we roll on to leg 2 tonight - Colombia vs Uruguay. Out portfolio is now worth £376 or thereabouts, so neither here nor there. But we've got a fair amount of coverage in the next two matches, though again, we don't want a lot of goals. (Tickets 2 (x2), 8 and 9 in the white image at the top).

After the first match
Your first 30 days for just £1

After the first match

Let's see how we go...



HALF TIME in Match 2 (Colombia 1 Uruguay 0)

Leg 2, and we're sitting on a target score at 1-0 Colombia. We have 1-1 on A as tickets 2 and 9; and 2-0 and 2-1 on ticket 8.

1-0 would be best because it keeps two tickets alive, meaning we have a couple more options in the remaining two legs.

But, at this stage, we should just aim for ANY of our scores to be hit, and not be greedy!

Here's the latest offer positions, which is topologically almost exactly the same as before the match (£376)

Half time in Colossus Pick 4 match 2

Half time in Colossus Pick 4 match 2



FULL TIME in Match 2 - Colombia 2 Uruguay 0

Well, it's a bit of a curate's egg job here, chaps.

The good news is we're still rolling. The bad news is that we're down to one ticket, #8.
I'm a bit frustrated because we could have had both of the first two scores on A, and I actually really fancied Colombia tonight against a 'toothless' Uruguay (groan, yawn).
The offer is now £308.85, which is fair enough, but if we can get through the next leg, expect that to improve a good bit. Beneath that, I've added the remaining unit allocation in the last two games so you can see how the land lies. I think we'll let things ride through the Netherlands-Mexico game, as I'd be hopeful we've covered the most likely scenarios there; and then we'll see what the offer is ahead of Costa Rica-Greece if/when we get that far.

Best case for us would be Netherlands 2-0 or 2-1, and 1-1 in the last game. That would net out to something like 19 winning tickets, each worth £18,000. We'd have 0.1 winning tickets, worth £1,800 or so. In the worst winning case, there would be 29 winning tickets each worth £12,000 and we'd have around £1,200.

There is, of course, a more likely worst case, which is that we blow out on one of the next two legs..!

This was a fairly conservative perm, and on another day, we could be sitting on all our A tickets (1, 4, 7) cheering 0.6 of a ticket for a nice few thousand. At least, I hope you're enjoying the ride so far?


Two down, two to go...

Two down, two to go...


HALF TIME in Match 3 (Holland 0 Mexico 0)

Well, a penalty to Holland at the death there would have been VERY good news. It didn't happen and the game remains 0-0. We have plenty of likely scores covered, but 1-0 Mexico would be the danger, plus of course 0-0.

It's very hot in this match, and I wonder how much energy Holland will have towards the end of 90 minutes. Ideally, they'll score early in the second half. In any case, we are only being offered £265 for our ticket at this time, so we will sit tight, and do a 'Holland goal dance'. Fingers crossed they get one.


Half time in leg 3

Half time in leg 3


FULL TIME in Match 3 (Holland 2 Mexico 1)

Well, we somehow got away with that! 2-1 was good for us, and it means we now have a decision to make.

We've been offered £751 for our ticket, and we'll get another offer at half time unless either side score two goals in the first half. I'm personally of a mind to let it ride until half time.

There are roughly 20 tickets on each of 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, and 1-1, meaning a win would be worth £1,700 or so to us. Alternatively, we could take the cash now, which amounts to a profit of £43 or so each.

I suggest staying in until half time. If you disagree, please say before 8.30pm, when I will make a final decision and let everyone know.



Before the final leg

Hi again,

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the ride. We have all the combinations of 0 and 1 goals, and this looks like a low scoring game. Of course, it doesn't always go like that. However, here's how we'll play:

We've got 1-0 0-1 0-0 1-1, and we'll take our chances with those at least until half time. If it's 1-0 either way at half time, I'll consider pulling our stake out. 0-0 and we'll bank some profit (hopefully, offer depending), 1-1 and we'll see what the offer is.

If you want to, you can bet 2-0 (13.0 on Betfair), 0-2 (16.0 on Betfair) and over 2.5 goals (3.0) which would be a stake-saving hedge for about £40. If we get one of our target scores, it'll be £200 or thereabouts per syndicate member.

Again, I hope that all makes sense. Let me know if not.



HALF TIME in Match 4 (Costa Rica 0 Greece 0)

Hi everyone,

The offer was £1,000 for our ticket, and I've sold 40% of it to get our stake out. So, we have £408.19 banked, a free bet now to win something like another £1,000. We saw in the earlier game (Holland-Mexico) how a goal can change a 0-0 after the break, and it would be pretty frustrating to take nothing from this sort of position.

So, we have our cash back, and we're still cheering for some gravy on top. No big scoop this time, but we all have the option to try again soon! 🙂


Cashed in 40% to return stakes

Cashed in 40% to return stakes


FULL TIME in Match 4 (Costa Rica 1 Greece 1)

So that was fun. No big score, largely because of the missed opportunity to put either 1-1 Brazil - Chile, or 2-0 Columbia on A. If I'd done that, we'd have got double, perhaps treble, what we ended up with. Which is...

£1,570.72     🙂

That means we're each worth £196.31.

Thanks for your company, and well done! 😀

£1,570.72 in the satchel :-)

£1,570.72 in the satchel 🙂



So yes, it was a great weekend with the Colossus. I'm tempting fate somewhat expecting another result, but I currently have the below ticket going into tonight's pair of games...

Hat-trick hero? Probably not..!

Hat-trick hero? Probably not..!

If you're not already getting involved in this brilliant bet, do check out the ColossusBets review here, and definitely thinking about signing up for an account. I'll be sure to do more syndicates when the domestic season starts. 🙂


Colossus Bets Review: Win £10,000,000

Colossus Bets Review

Colossus Bets Review

ColossusBets Review: Win £10,000,000

A bet with a £10,000,000 jackpot is always going to capture the imagination. And I've spent the last couple of weeks playing around with the site that offers that bet, and plenty of other less headline-grabbing ones, ColossusBets.

Who are ColossusBets?

Colossus Bets are a fairly new company, who started trading last year. They offer players pool betting on football scores (mainly), with a chance to win as much as £10,000,000.

Their directors include a previous Betfair bigwig, and they are registered as a company in UK.

So far so good, but...

What is the Colossus, and how do I play?

The Colossus is the headline bet from Colossus Bets, and it involves players correctly predicting the outcomes of seven football matches. There are easier variants involve three, four, five or six matches, and all have pool guarantees, meaning you are certain to collect a set amount if you are the sole winner in a pool.

Players may choose as many scores for each game as they like, and there are three 'Any other' scores: a home win by four or more; an away win by four or more; and a draw of 2-2 or bigger.

Click here to learn more about Colossus Bets, and to sign up and play

Playing is easy - I've been getting very involved during the World Cup. You simply:

1. Choose your bet. Let's try a Pick 3 (three matches)

Colossus Bets review

Colossus Bets: how to play

2. Fill out your chosen scores, and choose a stake

How to play the Colossus Bets

How to play the Colossus Bets Pick 3

3. Manage your position (or not!)

There are lots of really cool things about Colossus, but the one I love the most is the 'cash out' function.

What this allows you to do is to 'sell' all or part of your ticket at various points before the final match is complete... as long as you still have a 'live' score.

Let me give you an example, based on a chronology of the above bet.

The first two games - Costa Rica vs England and Italy vs Uruguay - both kick off at 5pm GMT. Half time in both will be somewhere between 5.45pm and 6pm GMT. Then, the final game kicks off at 9pm GMT, with half time in that game at around 9.45pm GMT.

The first two games kick off. Let's suppose England score in the first half, and are leading 1-0 at the break (it is possible!). Let's further suppose that the Italy-Uruguay match is a tetchy chanceless affair with more kicking than goalmouth action, and it remains 0-0.

Half time in the early kick offs

At half-time in those games, we will receive a 'cash in' offer. The offer tells us how much we can sell our ticket for. In the above example, where our target scores are looking good, the offer would be reasonable, and might be £50 for our £16 stake.

When you consider that it's only half-time in two of the three matches, and we haven't yet predicted any of them correctly, that's quite cool.

Your first 30 days for just £1

But here's the really clever part. We don't have to sell all of our ticket. We can sell any 10% of it. So, in this example, we could sell 40% and get £20 for that. That would mean we had a profit of £4 on the bet and, more importantly, we have a free bet for 60% of our ticket on these good looking score lines.

Of course, we could take all of the offer there and then. Or we could do nothing and let it ride. Personally, I'd be letting this one ride. But let's suppose we sell 40% to cover our stakes; and let's move on an hour.

Full time in the early kick offs

It's the end of the two 5pm games, and England have played really well (let's hope so!) and won 2-0. Italy have chiselled out a 1-0 win as well. Our bet is looking good so far, with two correct scores in the bag, and coverage of five likely scores in the final match.

We get another 'cash in' offer from Colossus Bets. This time we can take £96 for the remaining 60% of our ticket. Let's suppose we check the team news in the Greece-Ivory Coast match and see that Ivory Coast's key defender is not playing.

At this point, we decide that it might be smart to take another £48 out for 30% of the remaining 60%. That gives us a return of £68 on a stake of £16, for a profit of £52... and we've still got 30% left to cheer.

The Greece vs Ivory Coast match kicks off...

Half time in the third match

Against the form in the group, Greece have played really well in the first half and have a 1-0 lead against a lethargic looking Ivory Coast, who are down to ten men. It's half time, and we receive a further 'cash in' offer. We have three possible scores still 'live': 1-0 Greece, 1-1, and AOD (Any Other Draw).

We really don't fancy the big draw, and it doesn't look as thought Ivory Coast are going to do much, based on their first half showing. So we look a bit precarious on our 1-0 score as, if anything, Greece look likely to score again.

The offer is just £6.40 for our last 30%.

We decide to let it ride as it's not a lot of money, and we've already cleared a good profit on the bet. For thirty minutes it looks like we'll get paid out. But, in the last quarter of an hour the ten men Ivorians tire, and Greece score two late goals to win 3-0.

We lose our remaining 30% of the ticket.

Click here to learn more about Colossus Bets, and to sign up and play

4. What actually just happened?!

Let's look at what happened here. We made a bet over three games, two of which ran simultaneously, and we had three opportunities to 'cash out' before the end of the bet (half time in the first pair of matches; full time in the first pair of matches; and half time in the later third match).

At half time in the early games, we 'covered our stake'. In other words, we sold a piece of our ticket to get a free bet on the rest.

At full time in the early games, we locked in a profit. We sold a further piece of our ticket to guarantee a nice bit of beer money.

At half time in the late game, we decided to let things run, and retained our last piece of the ticket. This gave us an interest in the rest of the match, and a chance to win a few quid more.

At full time in the late game, our correct scores were sunk, meaning we actually failed to correctly predict the results of the three games, and yet we still made a healthy profit! That's why I love this bet!! 😀

Let's talk about rollovers and guarantees

You will know from my recent review of the Irish tote that I love rollovers and pool guarantees.

To remind you, a rollover is when a previous bet has not been won, and the money wagered is 'rolled over' into a new betting opportunity. These happen often with Colossus Bets, and that means two things:

1. The chance of a 'scoop', i.e. being the only winner of a pool, and

2. Huge value in a pool that has a starting fund of £100,000+ before a new bet has been struck!

As I write, there is a £56,663 Pick 4 rollover starting at 5pm today, and I will definitely be involved.

All pools are guaranteed, the Pick 3 pools to £5,000, the Pick 4 pools to £30,000, and the Pick 6 to £1,000,000. Of course, the Colossus (a Pick 7) is guaranteed to pay £10,000,000 for anyone brave enough not to cash out until the death!

Those are all for £2 stakes, but you can bet 20p's for a chance to win a million as well.

Click here to learn more about Colossus Bets, and to sign up and play

But wait, there's more... Bonuses and Consolations

The big pools - the Pick 6 and Colossus - both have bonus and consolation prizes.

The consolation prize is a pool of £5,000 (Colossus) / £1,000 (Pick 6) which is shared amongst players who correctly predict the result (i.e. home win, draw, away win) in each of the six or seven games. And that's far easier than guessing seven correct scores, even if five grand is not ten million!

The bonus prize - which is a million quid in the Pick 6 and five mill in the Colossus - is paid to any player that correctly predicts the score of a further game. Wow.

Why I love Colossus Bets

Colossus was totally new to me about a month ago. But, since the World Cup started, I've been an avid fan, playing Pick 3 / 4 games each night. It's not easy to get three or four scores right - especially in what has been a high scoring tournament so far. But, because of the cash out options, I've been able to get my stakes back and still have free bets to cheer, and take profit from, in the remaining games.

I also love the proliferation of small stakes punters who have won big money at Colossus Bets, like this guy yesterday, who turned £1.50 into £7,500 by guessing the scores of three matches.

Fancy £7,500 for £1.50? Try Colossus Bets!

Fancy £7,500 for £1.50? Try Colossus Bets!

Get up to £100 Matched Bet when you sign up

On top of everything else, I almost forgot to mention the huge welcome offer from ColossusBets. They will match the amount you deposit and wager during the first three days of your new account. So, if you deposit and bet £20, they will give you another £20 to bet with. Deposit and wager £5, they'll give you £5 free to bet. And if, like me, you like bigger perms and deposit/bet £100 or more, you'll get another £100 to bet with, gratis.

Give it a try... and Good Luck!

 Click here to learn more about Colossus Bets, and to sign up and play