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HorseRaceBase Review

HorseRaceBase Review

HorseRaceBase.com Geegeez trial

For those of us who love tinkering with systems, there a few great sites out in interwebland, and HorseRaceBase.com might just be the best!

I've been using HorseRaceBase for about three months now. It should have been as many years, as that's when I first learnt about it from my friend, David Peat (of HorseProfiles.com fame). He was always raving about this great site where you could analyse anything and produce daily reports that took the grunt out of finding your system qualifiers.

As with many things in my life, I cotton on in my own good time, usually two or three years later! That's certainly the case with HorseRaceBase. Now I thought I'd show you rather than tell you how I use HorseRaceBase, and how you might like to as well.

There are a lot more features than those I highlight below, and the best way to learn about them is to play with them yourself. To that end, I've managed to secure Geegeez readers an exclusive SEVEN DAY trial, which is 133% longer than other visitors to HorseRaceBase get.

During that time you'll be free to use all of the functionality at HorseRaceBase without constraint, and see if it does anything that will be useful to you. If it does, then sign up there for a minimum donation of €7.50 (about £6.43 at this morning's conversion rate).

For the record, there's nothing in this for me except starting the new year with a dollop of goodwill, and sharing what I believe to be an excellent resource. It's like Adrian Massey on steroids!

Here's my short video on how I use HorseRaceBase, which I hope will give you some ideas (feel free to steal my trainer form settings!)

And here's the link where you can get the extended seven day trial for no cost, with no obligation. You don't even need to enter any payment details.


If for any reason the link above doesn't work, type the following into your browser's address bar: