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Gold Nuggets #12: Choose Your Battles

In this episode of Gold Nuggets I consider a part of the puzzle that is often overlooked, and one that - if done even nearly correctly - gives us the very best chance of coming out in front. It is particularly relevant now that the longer days mean numerous evening meetings and a daily race count regularly north of forty. So, in the video that follows, I cover the crucial art of race selection.

In the video, I refer to a previous mini-series I produced called 'The Price Is Wrong', which you can look at here.


00:00 Intro
00:40 "The Price is Wrong"
03:25 'Top down' Race Selection
05:20 How "My Races" helps
07:40 Quick Race Analysis Example
13:15 'Bottom Up' Race Selection
19:45 Summary

NEW: ‘My Races’ Feature Added

Today we introduced another new feature, this time a relatively simple one called 'My Races'. The concept is merely to allow users to 'pin' races of interest to the top of what can often be a very long list of races, especially during the summer, and on Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

To select a race, just click the star to the left; and to deselect, click the same star a second time.

Here's a short three-minute video showing how you can use 'My Races' in conjunction with the racecard filters to rapidly whittle your idea of the wheat from the remaining chaff.

Three Week Challenge Part 1: Race Selection

Are you up for a challenge? Nothing too terrifying, just a little wagering self-improvement. That's the aim, at least, of this Three Week Challenge.

For more information on what it's all about, read this short introductory article.

Part 1, below, is about Race Selection: choosing your battles.

Parts 2 - Shortlisting - and 3 - Bet Selection - will follow on other days soon.

But, for now, have a watch of the video below and take up the challenge. Good luck!


“The Reverse Rule 4” Method

Few things are more frustrating than having a chunky Rule 4 deduction from a good bet, where you didn't even fancy the horse which was withdrawn.

Naturally, the chance of your bet winning is enhanced by the reduced number of rivals, and in any case you might have been wrong not to 'like' the withdrawn horse. But still, it's a situation that is frequently frustrating.

So, in today's video post, I want to highlight a way to put the boot on the other foot.

This strategy is actually about race selection as much as anything, and I know that is an area many readers struggle with - after all, there is rather a lot (ahem) of racing.

Enough with the verbiage and on with the show... click the video below to find out how to put the "Reverse Rule 4" to work for you.





If you have any questions or comments on this, do scribble them below, and I'll try to answer them.


p.s. For those who may be interested, below is the slide deck from the presentation (though most of the value is in the video walkthrough).