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**NEW** Profiler Tab: Video Explainer

We've added a new tab to the racecards called PROFILER and, in this video, I explain what it is, what it does and how it works. It's an exciting new development that looks sure to throw up some great insights, especially in terms of trainer and sire angles.

Watch the video and then have a play with Profiler!


BIG New Additions to Geegeez Gold

I'm really pleased and excited to be able to announce some significant upgrades to Geegeez Gold today. They are:

  • User notes and ratings
  • Instant Expert inline form, and 'select a rating'
  • *IV3* Draw feature

The video below demonstrates how they work and, below that, I've copied sections from the User Guide for those who prefer to read rather than watch/listen.

I'm already using the new features myself every day and I'm sure many of you will soon find them as indispensable as I do.


Here are the relevant User Guide sections...

Instant Expert Inline Form

As of April 2019, users may now select a particular form ‘block’ with a click or tap and view the related form lines.

For example, clicking anywhere in the ‘[2][2][100]’ Course block for Flying Verse opens an inline block with that horse’s two course runs in the selected context. The chosen block is highlighted.

Click the block again to close the inline form, or select another block to view further form.

IV3 Data

Introduced in April 2019 is IV3. IV3 stands for Impact Value 3, and is simply an average of a stall and its nearest neighbours. For instance, the IV3 of stall six would be the average IV of stalls 5, 6 and 7.

N.B. Stall 1 is calculated as the average IV of stalls 1 and 2, as is the highest stall.

This simple calculation helps to smooth the curve on our draw charts and isolate genuine biases, as in this example:


User Ratings and Notes

A major new addition in April 2019 is the ability for users to add notes and up to two ratings per horse performance.

Ratings Setup

Before adding ratings, many users will elect to create scales which enable auto-calculation. These are simply pounds-per-length calculations based on distance and optionally going. This is undertaken via the My Ratings Settings page, found in the Notes & Ratings dropdown on My Geegeez.

My Ratings Settings

The My Ratings Settings page looks like this:

Each of the blocks represents a different combination of race code and going range. These are the default settings, and ratings are calculated based on the priority sequence of the blocks (in case of overlap between race code/going range).

Users are able to add or remove blocks using the buttons; re-sequence the blocks by dragging and dropping them; and also to restore the defaults.

Once any setting revisions have been saved, ratings for beaten horses will be calculated automatically based on these settings and the winner’s given rating.


Adding Notes and Ratings

Notes and ratings are added from within a race result. The default layout is for the functionality to be hidden. Clicking ‘Show Ratings’ to display the ratings features.

Once ‘Show Ratings’ has been clicked, the page re-formats as follows:

Adding Notes

Notes may be added at the MEETING, RACE or HORSE level. Notes are auto-saved when a user clicks elsewhere on the page, but it is strongly recommended to use the ‘SAVE’ buttons provided.

Adding Ratings

To add a rating, enter the winner’s figure into the box Rating 1. The Lbs/Length box is pre-populated based on the Rating Settings page data but may be over-written if required.

By default, R1 and R2 are both checked, which allows a user to create two ratings at the same time. However, the ratings would be calculated using the same Lbs/Length scale. If, for example, R1 was a form-based rating and R2 was a time-based rating, a user may want to use different figures for the winners but have the beaten horses’ figures calculated from the same Lbs/Length scale.

If a different scale is required, the user must uncheck R2 whilst producing the R1 ratings; and then uncheck R1 (and check R2) to produce the R2 ratings. Most users will only produce one set of ratings.

Once the winner’s rating has been entered and the CALCULATE button pressed, the beaten horse’s figures are automatically calculated. Click ‘SAVE RATINGS’ to save.

Viewing Notes and Ratings

Notes and ratings may be viewed within the Full Form tab. Ratings are displayed on the right-hand side. N.B. Users must opt to display the ratings from the My Racecard Options section on the My Geegeez page.


Notes are displayed by hovering over elements of the form line, as follows:

Datemeeting note

Race / Conditionsrace note

Race Outcomehorse note

Exporting Notes and Ratings

Users may export any generated notes and ratings content to csv from the My Geegeez page. Select the ‘Notes & Ratings’ section, and then click DOWNLOAD CSV.


For the lowdown on all features inside Geegeez Gold, check out the latest edition of the User Guide which can be found on your My Geegeez page.

And if you're not currently a subscriber to Geegeez Gold, you can take a 30 day trial for just £1 by clicking here.


The Geegeez Racecards…

As of the end of February 2014, there are now numerous new - and very cool - features within the geegeez racecards. Below is a video which explains how the main features work. It's well worth a watch.


The New Geegeez Racecards

Beneath the video, I've highlighted a few key features as a short cut, in case you can't have sound on just now (say, for example, if you're in the office!!). If you're interested in a specific element, move the video along to that point, as follows:

Race card (horse/trainer/jockey inline form, comments, breeding, head to head) - 00:30
Full Form Filters (splice a horse's form by any combination of relevant factors) - 03:45
Race Analysis Report (the hugely popular 'traffic light' profiling tool) - 05:40
Pace Profiler (identify the likely pace of the race, front-runners, well/badly drawn horses, etc) - 07:00
Odds Comparison (go straight to the best odds for your fancy) - 10:00
Report Suite (Horses for Courses, 'Best Of', 4 x Trainer Reports, Head to Head) - 10:38
Tracker (add your favourite horses, trainers and jockeys and see them flagged on the card) - 14:15


The key features are under the various tabs.

The Cards Tab

On the 'Cards' tab, you can view the horse's last six runs by clicking the little horse icon by its name. The jockey and trainer performance since 2009 can also be seen by clicking their little icons.




To move around the day's racing, use the Race Selector dropdown or, to move to another race on the same card, just click the race time.

When you've found your idea of the winner, click the odds or the Bet button to be sent directly to the best odds bookie site; and/or click the Tip button to tip that horse in our prize tipping league, where you can win hundreds in prizes each month.

The cards also now include icons linking to Spotlight horse comments; breeding analysis; and a full head-to-head breakdown of each horse's performance against today's rivals.


The Race Analysis tab

Moving to the Race Analysis tab, this is where the really clever stuff starts. Here, you can see at-a-glance which horses are most suited to today's conditions. Using this form overview tool, it's possible to preview a whole meeting in less than a minute! 🙂




NB Since I recorded that snapshot, we've added rating info in blue on the right hand end. The columns T, L and D denote the following:

Ratings are as follows:
T – today’s official rating
L – last winning official rating
D – difference between today’s official rating and the horse’s last official winning rating (when the horse has won having been officially rated)


If you'd like a more in depth review of the form, no problem (I do too!).


The Full Form tab

Just click the Full Form tab. From here, you can drill down into the form of the horses, trainers and jockeys in the race. Using the exclusive form filters, you'll be able to see only runs for this course, distance, class, going, jockey... or any combination thereof.

You can also filter solely on wins, or wins and places; and you can review any specific year back to 2009. This is a very, very powerful profiling tool, and it's well worth taking ten minutes to get to know.




And that's where we're at just now. As you can see, they're pretty fricking cool!

Currently in development is a Best Odds Comparison tab, and a Pace Analysis tab. I hope these will be ready before the end of September, but time will tell.


Known Issues

Now, there are one or two known issues currently. Please be aware of these as you're working round the cards.

Firstly, sometimes the page will take a moment to load. This is something we're monitoring and is to do with how it accesses the database (blah, blah, etc etc). Anyway, if this does happen, please wait for a moment (say, five seconds or so). If still no response, refresh the page.

Occasionally, when navigating the full form, you'll see the word 'null' appear for trainer, jockey and owner. If this happens, also hit your refresh button.

Finally, sometimes the page actually fails to load even after refresh. This is not very often but it does happen and, when it does, you'll need to close the window and start again.

Clearly, these are annoyances, and we are working on them. But I hope that the flexibility and time-saving value of the tools will more than justify your tolerance when things go a bit skew whiff.

IMPORTANT - I'm aware of a current issue with Internet Explorer. Please use another browser (Firefox or Chrome for PC users) to access the cards.


So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Here's the link:


Why not add it to your favourites?


p.s. If there's a feature you'd be interested in, please do leave a comment below and let us know. We'll do our best to add the stuff that you ask for the most. That's the kind of guys we are 😉