Geegeez and Coronavirus

Hi, Matt here,

You may have heard that racing is to go behind closed doors from today, Tuesday. It's my best guess that very soon after, there will be a pause in the sport with no racing taking place.

Clearly, given what is going on everywhere else - not just in other sports, or more widely in Britain and Ireland, but right across the globe - this is the right thing to do, as societies, even whole countries, are being asked to give up their liberty for a short time for the benefit of their fellow citizens.

If the above sounds dramatic, you do not live in London and/or may not have seen the footage from Italy, Spain, etc and/or think this won't happen here.

These are extraordinary times and we all have a part to play.

Regarding, everyone who works with me is a UK-based home worker, so it will be largely business as usual. That said, I do expect racing to stop quite soon for an indeterminate amount of time. [You may have already heard that the Grand National meeting has been cancelled].

I will keep you up to date with plans as we go forward. For now though, take care of yourselves, and of those around you: we are not yet in the difficult time, but it is coming and it won't be fun.

Matt Bisogno
and the Geegeez Team

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4 replies
  1. stanby11
    stanby11 says:

    Hi Matt,
    I echo your sentiments about giving up personal liberty for the greater good. I live in North London and was due to pick my grand-daughter from school in Hackney this afternoon, something I’ve done regularly every two weeks. I use public transport as I have a bus pass. Given the warnings, not going is a small sacrifice, no matter how depressing it feels. The alternative could easily be nasty.

    Some amusing articles in the days/weeks to come will be welcome!


    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      We’re planning plenty of content to fill the void, Brian!

      My son Leon is at school in Hackney, too. Actually, he’s now out of school for a short time, and enjoying the novelty of lessons at home. [He’ll be fed up of that before the weekend!!]


  2. Bubbles180
    Bubbles180 says:

    Very well said matt, even though continuing behind close doors may help the horses remain fit, staff have to look after the horses every day no matter what, at race courses it is an enviroment which could cause more problems than solving them, I agree a total shut down maybe the best idea for the long term safety of all involved and from a personal point of view as a racing fan, we should also appreciate the staff at all stables, kennels and fields as they need to work through this for the health, welfare and safety of the horses.
    My gratefelt warmth goes out to them all for keeping on doing the thing they love their ANMIALS.

  3. therams1962
    therams1962 says:

    Few articles strategies on how best to use geegeez would be good .Especially the sectional part and how best to use it to find winners .

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