Updates Roundup

It's a fairly quiet time before the Christmas break, but we've been busy working on a number of upgrades and enhancements, as always. In this post, I'll share what's arrived and what's next, and will also invite you to vote for the next 'bigger' item we work on.

Added recently or Coming Soon

PRB on Trainer, Jockey and Sire

We recently added percentage of rivals beaten (PRB) figures for trainers, jockeys and sires as a further insight into their respective performance. PRB helps us see beyond bare win and place numbers to understand the totality of performance. They won't be for everyone, but I personally find them very useful from a context perspective.

You'll find this detail in the right hand column on trainer, jockey and sire inline data on the cards:

Full Form Upgrades

We're adding a selection of small upgrades to Full Form, as follows:

- Winnings and Total Prize Money
- PRB by race code
- Extra date filter option for 'seasons'
- Dam data


Winnings, total prize money (i.e. win and place), and PRB by race code will be published in the Race Record on Full Form:


Users will also soon be able to filter Full Form by particular seasons:


Dam Useful!

And, perhaps most interesting of all, we're adding a 'Dam' tab to Full Form, and you'll also be able to click through from the breeding inline data to both sire and dam:

Clicking on Concentric in this example brings up Full Form for the progeny of this dam


What about the next big thing?

Those are small feature upgrades, all of which are pretty awesome in their own rights, and should add value - and ease of use, and knowledge - to your daily studies.

But what about the next big thing? It'll be 2021 in a minute and it's time to build something new and cool!

I've got a few big items on the wishlist, all of which I believe are possible; and I'd like you, dear subscriber, to decide which we should work on first/next! They are:

1 Bet Finder (filter the day's runners based on your criteria, e.g. trainer in form, course winner, etc)

2 'Fast finishers' sectional timing report (note horses that may have run better than their finishing position suggests)

3 Add Betfair historical data (win and place Betfair SP's) to P/L calculations

4 Add previous race parameters to Query Tool (e.g. Position last time out, class move, etc)

So, please use the form below to say which one is a 'yes please' and which is a 'no thanks'...





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7 replies
  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know about Geegeez Racecards
    • dave2319
      dave2319 says:

      Yes, and as Matt mentioned in the recent Challenge videos, there are so many races each day so it’s necessary to be very selective about which we look at. Of course a downside of that is the possibility of missing something else interesting, so having a way to search for more criteria on today’s runners (or ones in the next few days) would be fantastic.

      Also, it’s difficult to choose an option I’d be least interested in because they’re all good ideas, so I hope all of them can be implemented in 2021!

  2. lazyhazy
    lazyhazy says:

    All look great additions Matt, I especially like the Dam data as I think that can be more important Sire data in a lot of cases given how few less progeny they have comparatively.

    One small addition I’d love to see (although I’m sure it’s not that easy!) is to add current OR to Future Form. So for example I can quickly see that the Horse I am looking at previously beat a Horse that is now rated 95, giving some more substance to that form.



    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lee

      I’m afraid that’s not easy for us to do currently, as we only get the ‘current OR’ when new five day entries are published. That is to say, we don’t know what the latest OR is for a lot of runners as things stand unless they’re entered in the next few days. Might be something we can add next year by taking a feed from BHA.


  3. johnleex90
    johnleex90 says:

    hi matt
    side step here matt what I personally believe to be of a great help what hand the course is example. Ascot. RH
    Cheltenham.LH , this would be added to the race card. I do believe we can have to much information in doing
    so making it more complex than it need be

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi John

      This information can be found in both Profiler and Full Form tabs


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