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Tony Keenan: Training by Gender

About two years ago I wrote about the main Irish flat trainers and how successful or otherwise they were with horses over various trips; it has taken some time, too long in fact, but I now want to follow up and look at the records of those handlers with different genders, writes Tony Keenan. With […]

Four Racing/Betting Books You Should Read

I love both reading and betting so combining the two is time well spent, writes Tony Keenan. More than any other subject, I tend to reread books on racing/betting in the hope that 0n the second or third run-through I will get more out of them. Below are four of my favourite books on the […]

On the Ger Lyons / Qatar Racing Split

According to David Redvers, racing and bloodstock manager for Qatar Racing, the reason for the split between his bosses and Ger Lyons was a ‘difference of opinion', writes Tony Keenan. We may never get the full story of why Lyons is no longer training for Qatar Racing though the usual reasons for owners and trainers […]

Grading the Trainers: Irish National Hunt Season 2017/18

Whatever your thoughts on the overall health or otherwise of the Irish jumps scene, the 2017/18 season will go down as a memorable one: Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliott slugging it out from one big meeting to the next, though the culmination at Punchestown was ultimately underwhelming, writes Tony Keenan. Prior to this season, no […]

Irish Flat Season 2018 Preview: 5 Ws and 1 H

It is scarcely credible but after a seeming six-month long winter, the Irish flat season is up-and-running. We need to get Punchestown out of the way to engage with it fully but let’s kick off with six important questions for the campaign ahead. How does Aidan O’Brien build on a record-breaking 2017? By taking over […]

Irish Jump Racing: Do We Have A Problem?

For whatever reason, the Irish Grand National seems to bring the competitiveness issue in Irish jumps racing into sharp focus, writes Tony Keenan. Perhaps it is the long-held view, correct or incorrect, that the National is a lottery race where everything has a chance; in the early part of this decade, there were wins for […]

Cheltenham 2018 Reprise: 10 Points of Note

I am probably the last person to listen to about Cheltenham 2018 having got just about everything wrong at the meeting, writes Tony Keenan. But, in the belief that most people are better at hindsight than foresight, I will attempt to sum up what happened last week from a racing and betting perspective. Genius Overkill […]

Tony Keenan: The Bookmakers’ Perspective

The bookmaker-punter divide is one where the boundaries are permeable with many people playing both sides, writes Tony Keenan. Ian Marmion is one such example: Ian has worked with a number of the big betting companies as well as punting professionally for a time; and, along with some friends, he has a few horses in […]

10 Things I think about the Betting Industry

The betting industry has been getting about as much coverage as Brexit negotiations in the past month or so and at times it seems about as complex; so if you’re expecting a unified view on the subject you are in the wrong place, writes Tony Keenan. That said, I’ve tried to read most of the […]

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