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SotD Update, 3rd to 8th August 2020

A decent enough week last week with two winners and two placers giving us a 2.33pts profit and had Garsman managed to hang on for the win on Friday, I'd have been happily writing about making 8.83pts, but it wasn't to be and once again we got a timely reminder of how fine the margins can be in this fine sport.

Aside from picking winners, which is always nice, SotD did what SotD always sets out to do and that's to find a selection that will give you a run for your money at a better price than it will eventually run at and with one horse sent off at the odds I quoted with the other five being well backed, we did at least tick that box this week.

In fact, our average quoted price was just shy of 9/2 about runners sent off at an average of just under 3/1 and if you can back horses at 150%+ of SP on a regular basis, you will make profit in the long run which, of course, is the Geegeez plan 😉


Selections & Results : 03/08/20 to 08/08/20

03/08 : Mountain Peak @ 10/3 BOG WON at 15/8
04/08 : Rebel Leader @ 9/2 BOG 3rd at 9/2
05/08 : Alezan @ 4/1 BOG 8th at 5/2
06/08 : See The Sea @ 3/1 BOG WON at 13/8
07/08 : Garsman @ 11/2 BOG 2nd at 4/1
08/08 : Jeremiah @ 13/2 BOG 8th at 10/3

03/08/20 to 08/08/20 :
2 winning bets from 6 = 33.33% SR
P/L: +2.33pts

August 2020 :
2 winners from 7 = 28.57% SR
P/L: +1.33pts
ROI = +19.00%

2020 to date :
23 winners from 118 = 19.49% SR
P/L: +12.03pts
ROI = +10.19%

679 winners from 2583 = 26.29% S.R
P/L: +543.90pts
ROI: +21.05%

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3 replies
  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know about Geegeez Racecards
  2. therams1962
    therams1962 says:

    Depends if you manage to get advertised prices or not to make a profit .The downside of being very well supported in the market .Very well done anyway and the forced break do to lockdown seems to have revitalised to .

    • Chris Worrall
      Chris Worrall says:

      “Depends if you manage to get advertised prices or not to make a profit .”

      Could be applied to anyone putting selections up. I’d argue that at 8am, most readers should be able to get the same (if not better in some cases) odds as I quote.

  3. therams1962
    therams1962 says:

    Sotd has a good following so the horse price mostly will contract .This is not a knock it is a simple fact .

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