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The Pick of the Posts 2021

It's the end of another year: 2021 wasn't quite as tumultuous as 2020, but it was nearly! As we close out the year with further uncertainty hanging in the air, thank the deities for that supreme inconsequence, horse racing.

Here at geegeez.co.uk we continue to support our industry-leading data service, Geegeez Gold, with thought-provoking editorial from a very talented group of writers, all of whom are racing fans. Because the next few days are bereft of a race or six to bet on, I've reprised the pick of the posts from these twelve months for your edification.

This seems a great opportunity to thank those who have contributed in 2021: Chris Worrall, Sam Darby, Nige Dove, Dave Mosley, Andrey Yatsyk, Dave Renham, Tony Stafford, Andy Newton, and Jon Shenton. I'm personally hugely grateful and not a little bit proud of what we've continued to achieve this year, punching above our weight against some very large media players.

Anyway, back to the good stuff, and I hope you'll find plenty of interest in the below!

Finally, here's wishing you and all those you care about a happy, and healthy, Christmas and New Year.




The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Horses and Geegeez Gold

Geegeez Claims Nap Hand of Best Betting Website Awards

Male vs Female Jockeys: A Comparison

Form Profiling 2021: Community Project

Profiting in Novice and Handicap Chases

"Today I Am 50"


Sectional Timing

Sectional Timing, and How To Use It

Royal Ascot Clock Watching: Horses of Interest


Trainer Profiles

Anthony Honeyball Stable Tour

Fergal O'Brien Trainer Profile

Nicky Richards Trainer Profile

Keith Dalgleish Trainer Profile

When Trainers Run Two in the Same Race

Using Market Rank to Assess Trainer Performance


Pace and Run Style

Past Pace as a Predictor of Future Performance Part 1

Past Pace as a Predictor of Future Performance Part 2

Run Style Bias in Non-Handicap Hurdles

Run Style Bias in Handicap Hurdles

Run Style Bias in Non-Handicap Chases

Run Style Bias in Handicap Chases


Racecourse Angles

Chelmsford Racecourse Run Style Bias

Newcastle Racecourse AW Run Style Bias

Lingfield Racecourse AW Run Style Bias


Breeding Angles

Punting Angles using Sires & Damsires: Part 1

Punting Angles using Sires & Damsires: Part 2

Punting Angles using Sires & Damsires: Part 3

Punting Angles using Sires & Damsires: Part 4


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3 replies
  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know about Geegeez Racecards
  2. jethro
    jethro says:

    Hi Matt,
    Many thanks for yet another year of great service and a Merry Christmas to you and Chris and the entire Geegeez team!
    Just a wee poser for you – I fully understand why there is no racing in the UK on Christmas Day (although they do race now on Good Friday which surprises me) but why on earth is there no racing on the 23rd and 24th December? Most other countries continue as normal on these days and I for one being organised early for Christmas, would love to be watching a bit of racing today!
    I can’t find any mention of the subject online, do you know if it is something historic or otherwise?

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jethro

      Thanks for the seasonal greetings – much appreciated!

      Re no racing in the days before Christmas, I guess everyone needs a rest sometimes..!! Personally I quite like it because it doesn’t sometimes feel like we’re “always on”, and a little escape time – even 72 hours or so – is very welcome.

      Back with a bang on Boxing/St Stephen’s Day: TEN meetings.


  3. jethro
    jethro says:

    Thanks a lot Matt and yes there is certainly no shortage of racing on Boxing Day, although I would much rather they spread it out from a personal perspective! All the best to you and yours…


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